[A lot like Love] Promises 8

Promises is a love tale of two distance lovers who are each others best friend more than being just lovers. Click Here if you have missed previous chapter of the story.

Promises 8

I had tears of joy in my eyes, I managed to spoke, “…but I don’t have anything right now to give you as a token of my love so here, take this pendent of my initial’s ‘N’, it was gifted to me by mum dad and now I am giving it to you, keep it carefully please.” I said taking out the gold pendant from my chain.

“Whenever you feel angry on me or any doubt about us, by seeing it you will remember my love.” I said, he took it kissed it and kept it in his wallet safely, I smiled at the way he was carefully handling it.

We then went out for a romantic dinner date and after that we drove back at my place by 10. He went in to change and I called mamma to know how she was, she felt better than before than after talking to her I decided to tell Arav about my promise to dad. As he came out he saw me stuck in thoughts, “Baby? Anything wrong? Mamma is fine or not?” he got worried.

“Everything is fine Arav. But I need to tell you something; sit here for a while.”

He came near me and sat beside me. I gathered all my courage and told him about my promise to dad. I looked at him for response, he looked slightly shocked.

“I don’t want to lose you.” I said with teary eyes.

He wiped my tears, held my hands and kissed them lightly.

“Don’t worry dear, nothing wrong will happen. We belong to same caste, I will talk to my family first and then ask them to meet your father and we will put it like an ‘arrange-marriage’ thing, my parents will say they got to know about it from some relatives etc. Don’t worry, we will do something, we can’t give up without trying.” He said confidently.

“Pakka? But I won’t lie to mamma.” I confessed.

“Sure baby and mamma have seen my pictures, know my name, she will understand it anyhow so its better we will explain her and try to include her in the plan too, ok?” He hugged me and I felt so better. Why couldn’t I think about it? I was stupidly leaving my love without even trying out once? But is it fine to betray your parents like that? I had second thoughts but I somehow convinced myself that we have something as a solution to the problem and I cannot just leave my guy. I held him tighter with the sudden fear of not letting him go.

He whispered, “I love you.”

I replied “I love you more.”

We argued for a while about who loves the other one more. I got my love back; that same spark, that childishness, everything was back. I couldn’t have been happier. Few minutes later we were lying next to each other and he held my hands. I looked at him and realized he was upset, “What’s bothering you baby?” I asked.

He looked at me with sadness in his eyes, “I will not see you or feel your touch after tomorrow like this, cant we just marry right now?” he said with a child’s innocence in his eyes. It made my love grow fonder; I kissed on his cheeks and said, “Soon.”

We spent the whole night cuddling in each other’s arms that night and constantly telling each other how much we love and will miss each other from next day. That night he told me millions of times that he was scared of losing me, I could feel he was genuine. Our love was immature at times but it was for real, it was not lust or attraction it was just pure love. Life felt at its best.

Next day again I woke up earlier and smiled seeing him sleeping innocently. I was about to get up when I saw his cell was blinking. I thought maybe there might be miss calls or message from his home and it could lead to any problems, as his cell was on silent since he was here. So after thinking twice, I took it to check, without any intention of spying on him. I was shocked seeing his cell phone. There were about 50 miss calls from Surabhi (his ex) and few messages too from her. Last received call was Surabhi again; I remembered he was talking to someone when we were going to temple. At that instant I got really angry over him. I checked messages between them and felt a setback because they were regularly in touch. I felt a gush of anger but I did not wanted to ruin our best moments for some silly girl.

I chose to ignore it because I found nothing objectionable from Arav’s side except the fact that he still talks to her even after our fights about her. Maybe she was really an important friend to him who he doesn’t want to lose. I felt angry, jealous and hurt.

He woke up after few minutes and came to the kitchen; I was busy preparing breakfast for him. He hugged me from behind and kissed my shoulder, “Good morning baby.”

I replied coldly, “Morning.”

“What’s wrong?” he asked seeing my cold reaction.

“Nothing.” I replied hiding the storm I was feeling.

“Oh, I am leaving away that’s why? Don’t worry we will meet weekly I promise. Now even I am addicted to you, your smile.” he whispered and then turned around and went for bath. In my mind I was having a battle, should I clarify things or should I just trust him, for whatever he did in last 2 days? As I saw him coming out getting ready, I took the breakfast and served it over the table. Arav came and sat near me.

“Feed me.” he said childishly.

“What? No. Eat yourself.” I said hiding my anger.

“No, I will miss all this lot. Please Naina.” He said with such love that I gave up, and we started feeding each other.

After the breakfast we were just sitting next to each other, I just couldn’t control more, I snapped at him,

“Still in touch with Surabhi?”

“No, why are you asking?” He said looking at me surprisingly.

“O really? Then what the hell is this?” I shouted, showing him his cell phone, “50 calls in one night, so many messages. You two are in regular touch. What’s all this?”

He snatched his phone from my hand and then he shouted back, “You are spying over me or what? What more do I need to prove and how? Damn you still have a doubt over me? So what if we talk? Do we talk anything wrong? No flirty messages, nothing of that sort. Naina she is very childish, if I will not talk to her, she will hurt herself, I don’t want that ok? Try to understand and don’t act like an over-possessive girl friend…” and his words were interrupted with a call, it was his mum and she wanted him to reach back immediately for some reason. He stood up, got his bag, looked at me but left without saying another word.

I felt I was waked up from a beautiful dream to harsh reality. Was it so difficult for him to understand my jealousy? My insecurity? Maybe he thinks of her as a good friend but I know she loves him, and if all this doesn’t stop it will cause many problems and will complicate things.

I was choked up but I did not cry this time. I kept myself busy with house chores. Soon Smriti arrived and I hugged her tightly. Later, I thanked her for her idea and that chocolate truffle. We ate up quickly and then sat beside each other talking. She kept on telling me about her trip and kept on asking me about how things went between me and Arav. Me and him didn’t exchanged even a single message that day.

Later at night, he called:

He: “still angry?”

Me: “no”

He: “Well please don’t spoil our sweet moments with a fight. Trust me there is nothing between me and her.”

Me: “Hmm, yes. So you are fine?”

He:”Yeah, I am. You know I am missing you so much. While having dinner, didn’t ate properly, I wanted you to feed me from your hands. You have spoiled me jaana .These two days, I will never forget in my life.”

My anger just vanished away, I smiled, I too was missing him dearly, we kept on talking for an hour like this and then I retired to bed. So many questions were arising in my mind, I wanted to once call Surabhi and talk to her but one part of my mind was stopping me from doing this. I refrained myself from calling her, I didn’t wanted us to fight anymore.

From next day onwards, started my usual routine. Things at home and things between me and Arav were going smoothly. But life is such a sweet devil; it can’t just see me happy for long!

To be Continued..

What next? Which shocks and surprises are waiting for Naina now? Stay tuned to BuddyBits.com for the next chapter of the story Promises.

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[A lot like Love] Promises 8

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