[A lot like Love] Promises 9

Promises is a love tale of two distance lovers who are each others best friend more than being just lovers. Click Here if you have missed previous chapter of the story.

Promises 9

One day at office, my boss told me they were shifting me to Bangalore for about 6 months. It came as a shock; I didn’t want to go apart from Arav once again. I was informed I had to shift there in next 5 days, and it made me more tensed because in another month we were having our 3 year relationship anniversary and I wanted to celebrate it with him in a very special way. Earlier too we could not celebrate because of distance but this time again due to my sudden transfer I would miss the opportunity. It made me feel worse.

As I reached back I told Smriti, she became too upset. Later I called mamma and told her about it,
“Beta now you too will shift away?” she said getting upset.

“Mamma even if I was in a city nearby, how much did I use to come? Don’t worry I will be in touch.” I said trying to convince her.

“Hmm. But tell me where will you live there? What will you eat?” her typical motherly concerns started.

“Maa they will provide me accommodation and yes food too, don’t worry. Where is papa?” I asked.

She gave him the phone.

“Why are they sending you? I want to check the place you will live there.” he said as he took the call.

“Papa what’s the issue? It will be official accommodation, don’t worry about it. And I will text you the address of that place ok? It’s just a matter of few months papa don’t stress so much.” I tried to calm him down.

“Ok, text me soon I have few friends over there I will talk to them. And if possible do come and meet us before you leave.” he requested.

“Papa that not possible, I too wanted to meet but I have so much work lined up and even haven’t started to pack up things.” I responded.

“Ok so wait, I will inform you, we will come to see-off at the airport? Your mother is already deciding over making few food items too, she says you will not get the proper food there, not like the northern side food so we will come over the day you will be leaving ok?” He talked sense.

I agreed to it and disconnected. Now came the hardest part of informing Arav.

“Whaaaat? 6 months? No you are not going anywhere. You listening to me? No just say no to them.” he freaked out.

“That’s not possible honey. It will pass, its just 6 months don’t worry we will manage.” I tried to pacify him

“No, I don’t know anything you can’t go just not done.”

I went on explaining to him and he kept on getting sad, I too was upset but what had to happen would happen, my being upset could not had change it. Those 5 days passed in a blink and came the final day. Arav was so upset and angry that he could not even see-off me because Mom- dad was there. I expected him to come and meet me once in dose 5 days but he didn’t. It made me upset but I convinced myself he might be busy. Mamma was again getting so emotional, I hugged her, kissed her on her forehead and asked her to take care. As I hugged papa he whispered, “Still remember my promise?” I nodded in agreement then he replied, “So when you will come after 6 months we will talk about it ok? I have a boy in my notice, you two meet up and we will decide ok?” I looked towards mum, she understood my concern, she held my hand and said “Go, you will be late otherwise.” I thanked through eyes to save me from papa’s further questions. And then finally I hugged Smriti,” I will wait for you, my flat and I will miss you.” “Hey, this senti look doesn’t suit you.” I said trying to cheer her, she laughed, “ Ok now?” I smiled and finally turn away from them.


2 hours and 30 minutes later I landed in Bangalore. There was a cab waiting for me, I saw someone else was sitting there too next to the driver’s seat. He came out and stretched out his hands,

“Hello I am Milind, your manager.” he spoke.

“Oh hello sir, how come you are here?” I asked as it was unusual, no boss would go and receive his subordinates.

“Yes, I am so sorry actually, we will straight head off to our office. There was an urgency, so I asked my driver to pick you from here and head to office.” he answered looking straight in my eyes.

“O, straight to office? I am already so tired” I whispered to myself. He looked at me and smiled, maybe he heard it, “I know you are tired, just a meeting where we need your presence then you can go back and join from tomorrow ok?”He asked, I nodded.

Just then I got a call from Arav, I disconnected and texted, ‘with boss in car’

He replied, ‘you kidding me? You might have just reached’

I texted back, ‘yea but he came to pick me up, will talk in the evening ‘

His replied hurt me, it said:

you know, I knew this will happen. You have gone intentionally to ignore me. I was crazy, I am crying here for you but you are enjoying with your boss damnit!! Just go date him, don’t talk to me!’

Tears appeared in the corners of my eyes reading it, I wiped them off and started to look away,

“Are you ok?” asked Milind.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Missing home?” he enquired.

“Yes. Would be better soon.” I answered trying to hide my emotions; he smiled back and got busy with some call.

I knew Arav was missing me, I too was and I wanted him to understand it and love me even more, but this reaction of his was unexpected.

As I finished my meeting I went to the receptionist an ask her to call the cab to drop me at guest-house. She asked me to wait for a while as no cab was presently available. I could have taken public transport but I was totally new to this stranger city. I waited in frustration. It had been already about half an hour, I stood up deciding to take a public transport and as I was walking towards the door, Milind crossed past me, he passed me and then came back, “You still here?” he asked.

I explained him about the un-availability of cab and then he offered me to drop me to accommodation in his personal car as he was going out for lunch. I reluctantly accepted.

During the way back we didn’t shared any word; I was too tired and depressed to talk to anybody. After about 30 minutes of drive I saw a building named under my company’s name, “we reached?” I asked.

“Yes we did” he replied and then instructed the driver to take us towards the apartments. The car stopped at the main entrance, I stepped out with my luggage Milind came out and pointed towards a balcony and said, “That one is your room most probably, have a happy stay here and yes outside our office, here I will be your neighbor too, I stay in the same building.” He said smiling. I feebly smiled back; he turned and went towards the opposite direction from mine. The driver asked me if I needed his help, I asked him to help me with luggage. As soon as I reached the allotted room I turned to thank the driver and ask him about lunch. “Mam you should have gone with sir, he was going to the mess for lunch. You need your id card to show to the canteen owner, you can go and have it.” “Ok thanks” I answered and he left.

I looked at the room, it was not very impressive and was quite small but I just had to spend few months, I just rushed to change and freshen up. I didn’t go for lunch; called mom informed her about arrival and other details and then slept for next 2 hours. As I woke up in the evening I checked my cell for any message from Arav, there were none.

Things were again changing for bad, I could feel.

To be Continued..

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