[Hacker Interview] Narendra Modi fan hacked Anti-Narendra Modi websites!

Anti Narendra Modi Website Hacked

We’ve seen innumerable political fights over the Internet lately in India. Aam Aadmi Party’s sudden entry in Indian politics, Congress’s corruption, Narendra Modi’s progress and Rahul Gandhi’s jokes are famous on Social Media. Political parties keep making websites to insult each other. Few websites which contained fake news about Narendra Modi (Prime Ministerial candidate and Chief Minister of Gujarat) are hacked by a fan of Narendra Modi. A hacker from India has hacked few Anti Narendra Modi sites. We contacted the hacker to know his motive behind the hack. And this is for the first time, we are presenting an interview of a hacker! Yes, to know why and how he hacked these sites, scroll down and read the interview. Here’s an extraction of our conversation with the hacker.

Why did you hack those Anti Narendra Modi sites?

These sites are made by Congress moron agents. They’d put wrong allegation against Narendra Modiji. So I hacked their websites. And also I like Narendra Modiji as a person. So that’s the reason why I hacked these sites.

What motivated you to Hack these sites?

I am not a die hard Modi fan. But the fact that Congress Government ruined our country made me do so. Narendra Modiji is an honest person and has done progressive work in Gujarat state.

What did these sites contain?

These sites contain fake news and trolling photos against Narendra Modi.

How did you hack these sites and how much time did it take?

First I hacked one site on the server through SQL Injection and then I rooted whole server. By rooting the server, I got Admin Access. It takes approximate two hours from hacking one site to root whole server.

First I hacked a website on Rahul Gandhi which is hosted on the same server. Then I hacked all other sites which contained wrong allegation against Narendra Modiji.

Are you a BJP worker or an activist? Have you been paid for this work?

I knew, this was gonna come. As I told you before, I’m not a die hard fan of Narendra Modi. I have seen his work in Gujarat. I am very impressed by his work and his personality. And what Congress has done in these years? Nothing.

No one has paid me a single penny for my work or forced me to do so. Only I am responsible for this. I am not on the side of BJP or any other political party.

Hackers show their aggression using hacking. And that’s what I did to show my aggression against this corrupted party.

What’s your name and from where do you belong to?

I am known as ShOrTy420 (MusTaFa) in hackers world and I belong to Delhi.

Hacked Sites

When I asked him for the list of sites hacked by him, he gave me list of sites made on Rahul Gandhi. One of the site was still didn’t hack. I asked him that that site is not hacked. He told me that the owner restored the site. And he asked me if I can again hack that site just to show me, I said yes. And to my wonder, the guy hacked that site within next 5 minutes. I checked out all sites hacked by him.

[button color=”blue” size=”medium” link=”http://goo.gl/JN5z3X” target=”blank” ]One of the Websites Hacked by ShOrTy420 (MusTaFa)[/button]

And as all the sites are restored by the owner, I am not writing rest of websites hacked by him here. And still if you need full list, just comment in the article or contact me via social media. I will provide you the list.

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