[Startup Talk] Interview with Rutvij Vora, Co-founder of Career Khojj

Have you ever felt that you’ve taken admission in wrong field? Were you interested in different field than you’re studying in right now? Rutvij Vora, a fourth year engineering student felt the same and co founded a company called Career Khojj along with Rachit Dave. Career Khojj helps students selecting right path at every stage of his/ her life. We took interview of Rutvij to find out more about their startup. Have a look at our conversation with Rutvij Vora.

What is CareerKhojj.com? What’s the idea and concept behind your startup?

CareerKhojj.com is an official website of our startup– Career Khojj, a Complete path finder. The concept behind Career Khojj is to eliminate the problems and misguidance exists in selecting the right career for you according to your hidden inner talent.

Career Khojj means a platform that will help you to find a perfect career according your inner talent. Career Khojj is designed to give complete solutions for all career making stages i.e. choosing a stream after 10th or 12th, choosing correct branch according to one’s inner talent, choosing right option after graduation for study or employment, making a best resume, taking a live training in the field of one’s interested domain, selecting a most appropriate company according to one’s study field, one’s work area of liking and preferences for job, etc.

Thus overall it has 3 Dimension that can help students Before, During and After graduation, a complete path finder.

Who are faces behind this startup?

Initially we were two people- I, Rutvij Vora and my business Guru Mr. Rachit Dave, co-founder and CEO of this company. Currently we are a team of 6 team mates including 4 Research Partners, Mr. Bhavdip Pambhar, Miss. Maitri Vaghela and Miss. Shweta Nathwani.

Rutvij Vora and Rachit Dave, Co founders, Career Khojj
Rutvij Vora and Rachit Dave,
Co founders, Career Khojj

About Me, Rutvij Vora, Co-founder and CTO

I belong to a small town named Madhapar (Bhuj) in District Kachchh – pursuing my bachelor of Engineering in Information and Technology (Last year) from one of the Gujarat’s Top colleges, Birla Vishwakarma Maha Vidhyalaya – Vallabh Vidhya Nagar.

About Mr. Rachit Dave, Co-Founder and CEO

He also belongs to Bhuj, holding degree of bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from the Birla Vishwakarma Maha Vidhyalaya and currently pursuing MBA in Human Resources from Atmiya Institute – Rajkot.

Maitri Vaghela, Shweta Nathwani, Bhavdip Pambhar Research Partners, Career Khojj
Maitri Vaghela, Shweta Nathwani, Bhavdip Pambhar
Research Partners, Career Khojj

About Mr. Bhavdip Pambhar (Research Partner)

Bhavdip is a person who believes to make each task very perfect. He belongs to Saurashtra region.

About Miss. Maitri Vaghela (Research Partner)

She belongs to Educational hub of Gujarat- Vallabh Vidhya Nagar. She is a self-motivated person having a deep interest in contributing some unique to the society.

About Miss. Shweta Nathwani (Research Partner)

She belongs to Rajkot and pursuing MBA in HR. Always having ‘Hang till the end’ Personality and helping nature.

The last one is our educational guide.

How did you initiate CareerKhojj.com? What is the story behind starting up Career Khojj?

Career KhojjWell, it is somewhat long story. When I had completed my 12th science from Bhuj, there were no such educational facilities available. When I took admission in BVM Engineering college and passed 3 long years in Educational hub of Gujarat – Vallabh Vidhya Nagar, I found so many reasons why students after 10th or 12th unfortunately choose wrong branch than their inner interest and talent?, why students of Gujarat cannot able to give strong competition to others?, why they are weak in practical knowledge compare to others?, why they are not satisfied with their job?, etc. Now, it was my ultimate dream to become an Entrepreneur and give something unique helpful thing to the society. In the first year, I joined a network marketing company where I met with Rachit Dave – who was nominated as Entrepreneur of Gujarat-2013 in Tech hunt and I was leading a network of more than 200 people all over the Gujarat. After some time I feel that I selected a wrong field to study. Later on I met with hundreds of students in network marketing who felt the same. Even our CEO Mr. Rachit Dave personally also felt during his engineering that it is not the field of which he made for. Later on he officially collets a survey on more than 300 people and the result was that after reaching at the final destination, people feel that “Oh! It is not the field I want to select!”. At that moment it gave a spark in our minds and we felt that it is not only our problem. It is the problem of all. So In September 2013, we decided to start Career Khojj to eliminate all this career related issues.

We are having 4 core services

1. Educational consultancy

Consist of making a complete educational path of one’s career starting from 10th or 12th. Then we will give a report based on test series and 6 different types of detailed reports about that field + 4 different types of Live reviews to let the parents understand what is the field is actually about.

2. Jobs & Placement consultancy

In that we set a platform on which companies can get easily loyal employees and job seekers can get easily jobs in his interested domain. Matching the best fit between Job seekers and Job providers.

3. Resume Building Service

We built 3 different types of Resumes

  1. Professional Resume,
  2. Visual Resume- an attractive resume consist of visuals and effects that easily attract your employer,
  3. E-Resume Portfolio- Online Resume website Portfolio consist of all details including your project links, certificate images etc.  An online identity of candidate with personalized domain name so that even Google can find you!

4. Live Training

We provide students a total live training in their interested domain that they probably not receive during their degree period.

Why did you name it CareerKhojj.com? And why there is an extra J in Khojj?

Career Khojj means a platform that will help you to find (Khojj) a perfect career according your inner talent.

When I talk about that extra ‘J’ – well, if you see other companies in the same domain – they all starts with Career but are not giving full career related solutions. But we focus in Khojj (to find) complete solutions of those problem that occurs before, during and after career selection. That’s why to give more focus on that – we put Extra ‘J’.

How CareerKhojj.com is different than other sites in same domain? What is unique about Career Khojj.

If you see the services of similar all others companies , you can easily find that they just give a Talent Report suggesting 3 or 4 most suitable educational branches to you. We also give the similar service but our CORE services starts where their ends.

Most of them are provided best possible career options but What to do for growing in those fields?

For that we give a complete path of one’s total career graph, which includes detail information with Reviews of Students, industrialists & Experts.

Not stopping here but to give live training, making resumes and approaching jobs and placements in one’s interested domain.

How much time and money did you invest in this venture?

Since it is a totally new concept till now available in all over India, it took more than 7 to 8 months for both of us to make a base platform of all services and to give it final shape more 1 month. When I talk about investment, it is all about investing human efforts and resources. As it is new development and also technological base, so our investment is in form of ideas, thoughts and technical aspects. Though we are in search of investors in terms of capital for future up gradation.

Which challenges have you faced while converting your idea into reality?

When we tell about this idea in our family and relatives – relatives first resist to do so. When our classmates and friends came to know that we are going to start such System – they demotivate us and say that, Look, stop this and focus on your job. Even the worst thing is that BVM is the Gujarat’s one of the top colleges- still the environment is like we can only get a job of 30000 per month at max and if we talk to do on our own, we are treated as terrorists. I surprise why there no such Entrepreneurial environment available!

Technically we face lots of problems in making the system that gives a complete solution for Career. We built once and destroy it for improvement because this is a total new concept.

From Management side, many agencies, coaching classes deny us to accept our service.

But, at the end, now everything is fine and our System is ready to serve lots of Students and Career Aspirants in a best way! We strive to make best use of our technical and management + marketing knowledge.

What is the major challenge you face right now?

To let people make understand about this concept. Resistance to change is everywhere according to Charles Darwin! To create market awareness. Some technical aspects like to deal with software and all.

What’s your future plan?

We started merging up with different schools, coaching classes and personals in different cities for expansion. Also very shortly we offer franchisee in different cities in Gujarat as well Mumbai to make available our services offline even.

As GSEB board has no proper platform to guide students in overall sense. So CareerKhojj, In future, being as an official partner of GSE board provide path and career selection.

As GTU also has no such kind of official placement cell to provide jobs centrally except some of MNCs. So CareerKhojj, being as an official placement partner and provide best fit for fresher graduates and SMEs.

What else do you do except CareerKhojj.com?

As I said, I founder of my own Web Development Company: ASPIRE Media Web which is currently development partner in CareerKhojj.

Besides that, I am currently making some new unique technical solutions in some other fields also that are now in prototype stage only – but will tell you for sure as and when I complete it.

What is Entrepreneurship according to you?

According to both of us, Entrepreneurship is an Addiction! Many people cannot distinguish between an Entrepreneur and a Business Man. Entrepreneurship or rather an Entrepreneur is a person who believes in making new unique ways as a solution of a problem and give it to the society in where he lives in the best possible way! In other words, he is a contributor.

Which message would you like to give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

Well, I do not have any tag line from my side. But as a message to all upcoming entrepreneurs I want to share a thought I used to think when I get demotivation.

To become a bigger person, walk in to a bigger vision. If you are not scared too much, you are playing too small. Always believe in self and Go ahead.

What do you think about BuddyBits.com?

BuddyBits.com is really a best platform for rising Entrepreneurs to share their views, beliefs and startups. In this indirect way Buddy Bits contributes it’s best to the society!

Last Message for our readers!

As every big building was once a paper map only. And every structured paper map was once a rough idea only. From experience of CareerKhojj concept development we can say that ‘The best way to start is just to start’. The only necessary condition is Believe in yourself.

Well, thanks Rutvij and Rachit. We wish you all the best for all your future endeavors.

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[Startup Talk] Interview with Rutvij Vora, Co-founder of Career Khojj

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