15 Reasons Why You Should Date A Gujju Guy

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So the Valentines Day is round the corner and everyone is busy talking about their dates and crushes and you are all sitting in front of a computer just like me. Well, but there are people too whose Valentines Week just got a life with the IPL Auctions. No, I’m not talking about Gujaratis. Whenever you hear the word gujju, the first picture that flashes your mind is of some healthy (decent word for fat) folks sitting in a group shouting their throats out and cracking some pathetic jokes with thepla in one hand and the costliest mobile phone in the other. I’m a Gujarati and I’m eating ghaathiyas while typing this. But are all Gujaratis really loud and flamboyant every time and everywhere? Is it really tough for a decent non-gujarati girl to date a Gujju guy? NO. Let’s look at the top 15 reasons out of some 153248698 reasons (yes! We love to exaggerate) why a girl should date a Gujarati chhokro.


From a ‘Choco Bomb Donut’ to ‘Bhaiyya! Thoda aur teekha banao!’, gujjus love to eat anything and everything. So you won’t ever find him say ‘Khaane me teekha kam hai’ or ‘Aaj bahar nahi jana! I’m full!’.


They might be not a class topper or a grammar nazi, but when it comes to numbers and accounts, even the calculators and computers face a hard time. So you can always be sure about your ‘finances and investments’ when you date them.  😛


They are so attached to their mother tongue that they can speak any language of the world in gujarati. So you’ll never feel uncomfortable and would always understand what they are trying to say.


Beverages! ‘Chai’ is their extra cheese and ‘Chhaash’ (buttermilk) is their birthright beer. So you will never have a pain-in-the-arse situation to make them yummy food. You can always have a win-win situation by just feeding them chaash.


Spending (or rather wasting) money is never an issue for them. You can always expect designer shoes and diamond jewelry as gifts.


From the ‘best fashion photographer of the glamour world’ to the ‘nukkad ka paanwala’, they have contacts all over.


You can blindly trust him when it comes to extra-martial affairs. He will NEVER do that because every other girl is their ‘Ben’ and every next-door-aunty is their ‘Maasi’.


He might not be too comfortable in pronouncing ‘Versace’ or ‘Gucci’, but he’ll surely be wearing it.


From New Jersey to Melbourne, he will be having relatives all across the globe. So have a bag pack ready, foreign trips are bound to happen.


You’ll never get bored. They will always have something to say. 😛


Cooking on Sundays is a religious crime. So ‘Aajmujhe ye wale restaurant me khanahai!’ is always answered with ‘Chalo toot padein!’.


Their hearts are as big as their houses.


You’ll never find him busy playing with his xBox360 or watching a ManU game. So the time is totally yours. (Unless there’s a cricket match :P)


You can always watch your favourite TV series/show because the only time they switch on the television is at 8.30 to watch ‘Taarak Mehta…’.


Finally, a gujju guy might not always carry a rugged physique or an 8 pac stomach, but he surely would be cute, lovable and trustworthy. (And that’s what matters right?)

P.S: You cannot hide the fact that Gujaratis are money minded but neither could you hide that they are the friendliest people on earth.

Binit Thacker

Binit Thacker is pursuing engineering from Charotar University of Science & Technology, Vallabh Vidya Nagar. Binit is from Bhuj city of Gujarat. He loves singing and designing. Photography is his passion. Sometimes, he writes. Other times, he plays guitar.