[App Review] Will Telegram Messenger beat WhatsApp?

Use of Internet Messengers has increased drastically now a days. After WeChat, Viber, eBuddy and WhatsApp, recently IM club was joined by Telegram Messenger. So our common question, What’s new? Read my review to know Will Telegram Messenger beat WhatsApp?

Telegram Messenger is currently available for Android and iPhone. And obviously, it’s free of cost.

First of all it’s damn fast! Yes, super fast message delivery, ultra smooth user interface. It provides all the basic features of WhatsApp. And it has few unique and amazing features too. Secret chat, file sharing and location sharing are few of them. Let’s look at the review objectively.

What is different?

Decent speed, multiple file sharing feature and so on. What it doesn’t allow is voice chat. You can share your real time geographical location with your friends too. Isn’t it amazing?

Telegram Review Screenshot

Share real time Location in Telegram

Telegram Review Screenshot
We’ve saved the most important and unique one for last. End to end message Encryption- Secret Chat.

What makes Telegram so special is the end-to-end encryption of messages that you can set as an option in the profile of the chat partner. Start Secret Chat will open your chat in a new chat window with end-to-end encryption.

This means that encryption is used on all transmission. Your data is encrypted on the server and at the receiver’s end. No data is stored at all!

Once you start an encrypted chat, Receiver will be notified that you wish to start a Secret Chat and he/she would have to confirm your request. You will find the encryption key, which must be identical to the key found in the chat of your contact.
Telegram Review Screenshot

The Self-destruct timer! It will provide you a facility to destroy your sent messages after a specific period of time, from 2 seconds to 1 week. You’ll have to specify the time, After that the message will be deleted from the both ends Sender and Receiver leaving no traces at all! In the test the destruction of the messages worked like a charm.

Telegram Review Screenshot

The selectable duration is between one week and two seconds configured in various set stages. In the test the destruction of the messages worked immediately, leaving traces nowhere on either device.


Starting from the clean user interface, to quick and reliable delivery of messages, Telegram is presented as a worthy competitor to WhatsApp. Mainly Telegram can be used on multiple devices, something WhatsApp can’t do. For me personally if it continues this type of progress, Telegram can end WhatsApp’s Legacy in IMs.

Download Telegram

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