EDI to arrange annual entrepreneurship summit- Empresario in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI) is all set to arrange their third annual entrepreneurship summit- Empresario on 7-8 March in Ahmedabad. Empresario is an annual entrepreneurial event connecting entrepreneurs with venture capitalists, angel investors, bankers, industry professional and common people.

Aim of this two days summit Empresario 2014 is to bring innovation in small and medium enterprises and to stimulate small entrepreneurs to think creatively and out of the box. Since its inception in 2012 was conceived with the clear objective to help thinkers cross over the bridge to the side of doers. Empresario had been a platform for start-ups since its inception in February 2012.

Who is it for?

Innovators/ Patentees

In this event we will be identifying and inviting several innovators who hold or have applied patents for products/ processes that have the potential to be commercially viable. We will help them in making business plans which they can proceed towards realization or help them in finding business partners and/or financiers /investors.


Startup companies willing to display their products & services to the public and experts with various hopes like getting funds, ideas, suggestions, guidance, etc.

Students from the technical & non technical background

Internship & Placement opportunities in Startup Companies, New product & technology knowledge, meet entrepreneurs for experience.

Industry experts

Meet new entrants in their fields.


Have a wide number of startups to choose from for mentoring them to the path of success

Venture Capitalists, Investors, Bankers

Meet potential ideas & businesses for funding.

Networking Companies

Build a wider network with new people in the market.

Events at Empresario

EDI Empresario 2014

Innovator to Entrepreneur (I2E)

In Innovator to Entrepreneur (I2E) we will be identifying and inviting several innovators who hold or have applied patents for products/ processes that have the potential to be commercially viable. We will provide them a platform to showcase their product/ idea to the team of experts, Venture Capitalists and Financiers. They will also get an opportunity to have interaction with fellow entrepreneurs.


The participants will also get an opportunity to get counselling from experts from various fields like Financing, Taxation, Etc.

Pitch the Idea

Participants who are eligible and interested to get financial support for their ventures will get support to make business plans and an opportunity to pitch their product/idea before a group of Venture Capitalist and Financiers.

Startup Fair

The proposed business ideas will have stalls put up in the format of a Start-up Fair that will be more convenient for participants to network and find the right business partners, mentors, industry association leaders and investors/financiers.

EDII-NEN Launchpad Challenge 2014

If you are a student innovator with an idea/prototype/proof of concept to share, then EDII-NEN Launchpad 2014 platform is for you. The platform will provide you with first-hand exposure to entrepreneurship through workshops on commercialization. Meanwhile, innovations from across the country will be reviewed by a national jury and top entries will be shortlisted to be showcased at the Grand finale (during NEN E-Week i.e. on March 7th, 2014 at EDII, Ahmedabad).

If you get selected for the Grand Finale then you will engage in panel discussions, and learn how to pitch to funders and investors.


The Sanskrit word for war ‘GAVISTI’ which means a desire for more cows. This comes from the pastoral period of the Vedic society, during which cattle were a main source and symbol of wealth.

Gavisti is a business competition, where teams are in combat to innovate, to compete in technical, technological, financial feasibility and to attract investment and customers.

For more details or inquiry

Website: http://ediempresario.in

Email: empresario@ediindia.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Empresario.EDI

We are glad to announce that BuddyBits.com is Online Partner of EDI Empresario 2014. Stay tuned for more updates from the event.

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EDI to arrange annual entrepreneurship summit- Empresario in Ahmedabad

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