[A lot like love] Promises 12

Promises is a love tale of two distance lovers who are each others best friend more than being just lovers. Click Here if you have missed previous chapter of the story.

Promises 12

Couple of hours later I reached Delhi Airport; I didn’t expected anyone to receive me but pleasantly I saw Smriti, it felt so good to see her, I ran and hugged her.

“Gosh! I missed you a lot!” she said. “Me too, terribly.” I answered. Then she helped me with the luggage and we drove out. I was so excited to be back, I had missed her and my flat a lot.

She kept on asking me about the things back and also complained of not being in touch a lot I apologized and summarized her on everything except the Milind part. After sometime, I noticed, we were not driving towards our flat. I looked towards her in confusion, “What?” she asked.

“Where are we going? Listen Smriti I am just too tired ok, no fun, no rides right now, drop me home and we will go out in the evening I promise.” I said making a baby face.

“Shut up! We are not going for outing baby, I am taking you to meet your life.” she said with a wicked smile.

“Listen, I think you didn’t hear me well, me and Arav broke up! You know it’s been 5 months, I haven’t talked to him and neither do I want to ok?” I felt butterflies in my stomach with just the idea of seeing Arav.

“Did I take Arav’s name? Is he your life? Well honey! I know and you know it too so why not just meet him once? He was dying to meet you, he came twice to our flat, he had no idea why you suddenly stopped talking to him, I mean he knows you were angry but he literally cried Naina, I will say just meet him once please before taking a final decision.” she replied.

I felt silent; I could not decide what I wanted. Actually I was scared; I didn’t know how I would react seeing him.

Few minutes later, the car halted in front of a house. I felt socked, I thought we were going to a café or something, but this was a house and I had no idea whose house. “Where are we? What are we doing here?”

“Buying pizza you know! Duffer..! Wait here in the car, I will just be back.” she said and she went inside that house. I thought maybe she had some work over there. Around 5 minutes later I saw Smriti coming out, behind her was another guy, he was Rohit (Arav’s friend) and he was helping Arav to walk. Arav’s left leg was fractured, Rohit was cautiously supporting him. As soon as I saw him injured, I can’t hold more and rushed out.

“What had happened to you?” I asked with teary eyes.

He smiled, Rohit and Smriti laughed softly, “You were angry from him so let him go to hell. Why are you worried?” Smriti teased me. “Shut up yaar..!” I yelled, “And you mister! Will you stop smiling and speak out instead?” I asked again looking at him.

“I will explain, let me sit somewhere”, said Arav, Rohit helped him towards the car, then he and Smriti left us in private to talk.

“I met with an accident few days back. I am fine now, leaving it, you tell me where you were? What was wrong? I know it was my fault, I forget about our anniversary. You should have fought, slapped even but you left me all alone. Baby why did you punished me so much?” he asked looking at me. I lost my cool, he was being so innocent? He doesn’t know why was I angry?

“I haven’t punished you Arav, I had just maintained my dignity by not talking to a cheater like you. How could you even have the guts to face me? You jerk! You slept with Surabhi and you are asking me why was I punishing you? To hell with you dude, it’s just over ok?”

Unexpectedly, I didn’t cried; instead I shouted at the top of my voice, I had never thought I would react this way. I was abusing him for God’s sake! But still it was less for he deserved a slap too. “What? Who old you this nonsense? Surabhi? Wait, when??” He shouted.

“On our anniversary, when like a fool I was waiting for you while you were bloody cheating on me!!” I retorted back.

“Rohit, Rohit just come here.” He shouted and Rohit came running, “What?” he asked.

“Tell her what happened that day? On 4th October, just tell her! She has a bloody huge misunderstanding. She thinks I cheated on her with Surabhi on that day!!!” he said to Rohit, he seemed quite shocked.

“Listen Naina, as soon as you got away from here, he started being too silent and was so careless and ignorant of himself. One day his dad called me and asked me what was wrong with him, I couldn’t hide from uncle explained him everything about you two.

Then uncle asked him about you, initially he was scared but later he told them he wanted to marry you. His family asked him few more things and then they approved of it, do u get it, they approved of you 2? They accepted your love dear! They even wanted to meet your family soon; Arav was so happy that day but he wanted to surprise you and didn’t share anything with you. We together threw a party at my place to celebrate his happiness and my birthday in advance, it was 4th October, and seriously he forgot about your anniversary because he was so happy celebrating that moment. Surabhi is my friend too and I had invited her too but I didn’t even saw them talking to each other! I don’t know who informed you and what they told you but I can assure, he was with me the whole night. Everyone left after midnight but he was too drunk so he slept at my place.”

“Surabhi herself informed me, that too from Arav’s cell, you are making stories!!” I shouted. “Surabhi? My cell?” Arav asked in shock.

Rohit spoke out frantically throwing his hands in the air, “O wait! I am getting a clear picture now, in the party, Arav officially announced all the friends about you and him and she was hell lot jealous I guess! She is the one behind all this. I remember now, next day after the party she sent Arav’s phone saying she took her by mistake coz her phone is identical to Arav’s. Arav you remember, when you woke up, you suddenly remembered about your anniversary and started asking for your cell phone, I forgot to tell you all that in hurry. Naina, he has been calling you like crazy since that day, I have seen, I had abused him, scolded him but he won’t just gave up.. and..”

“bas bas.. let me speak now. Yes I am a bastard because I hurted my baby, I made her cry. I am so sorry Naina and see I have been punished by God too for hurting you.” Arav said pointing towards his fractured leg. I was numb for a while; whatever I heard was taking time to sink in. I was partially believing it and rest I was feeling it was unreal. Then he continued.

“I tried so hard to call you but couldn’t connect. Check your skype, your mails, your facebook, I have sent you so many messages, begging you, apologizing you baby. I even went to meet Smriti and ask your number from her, she denied, but she said she would help me, she would arrange our meeting somehow. I just love you baby and I am so so sorry, you were rigt about Surabhi, I never believed you but now I do. Naina will you be mine? Will you marry me?” he asked looking at me with ‘those’ eyes.

“You are a liar, and Rohit you too, you are making it up so that I forgive him. I will not!! I won’t! I got out of the car in anger and started calling out for Smriti. She came out and I was totally taken aback, my mum and Arav’s mum were coming out with her. Ok, so this was Arav’s house. “Maa, you here?” I asked and hugged her. “Touch her feet, she is your mother-in-law.” she whispered in my ear pointing towards Arav’s mother. I instantly touched her feet, she hugged me instead. “Still fighting both of you or it all solved? Good to meet you Naina.” She said and smiled, I blushed. Then I turned towards mom and ask her how come she was there, she told me Arav took her number from Smriti and was constantly in touch with her, he planned all this and his parents came to meet dad. Dad instantly liked his family and he agreed quiet happily for our marriage.I had tears in my eyes with a huge smile, a rare combo!

“O so everyone here knows it and the bride is being fooled?” I asked and we all laughed heartily. A moment later, came out my dad and he instantly hugged me, “Why did you wanted to sacrifice you love for my promise? Beta, in any case I wanted you to be happy, he is a nice guy and his parents too why would I had a problem instead I should be thankful you saved me from all the exhaustion of finding the right groom.” My happiness knew no bounds.

Arav’s mom called everyone inside the house, and I and he were asked to sit together, we were given rings to exchange. My mamma gave him a gold chain saying, “now you are our official son.” He touched her feet and then he took out his wallet, took out that pendant ‘N’ (I gave him before) put it in the chain and wore it. I felt so much love towards him at that instant. I was wrong, My Arav wasn’t a cheater, he was just the best, my Mr. Right.

When everyone was busy talking among themselves, Arav kissed me on my cheek and said in “Unique engagement where the groom is having a fractured leg and the bride is in jeans and tee-shirt!! Perfect couple.” I nodded and we both laughed out like crazy.

It was all like my dream come true, I always wanted a fairy tale and I created my own. Miracles happen, my love story was one of them. <3

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[A lot like love] Promises 12

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