[Splendid Six] The new innings for the Gabru Gang

Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. The Gabru Gang is twenty first chapter in weekly column Splendid Six. Have you missed previous Chapters of the column? Click Here to read Previous Chapters.

The new innings for the Gabru Gang

Yup we were no more any ordinary girls now but a gang and that also a powerful one. As you all know that such news spread faster than viruses do. Everyone in the class got to know about it. Whenever anyone among us stood for giving any answer or moved out, a voice used to echo from the back benches “Gabru”. It used to embarrass us in the beginning. We used to get frustrated and that used to highly stir us a lot. We didn’t know how to get out of it. Even the girls in the class started teasing by that pathetic name. One day when we all were sitting in the library, Pari told us all “Look girls, now we cannot escape from the fact that we are Gabrus now. We need to face the fact with a bold heart. The more embarrass we become, the more sadden and dishearten we will feel. So the best answer to those Damru people would be accepting it with a smile.” We all agreed to it. It was fourth semester and we had a subject of Management. The management sir’s name was Pralesh. He was tall, confident and amiable person. He was a vivacious one. I enjoyed his lectures a lot in particular and I slowly realized that management was becoming a subject of my choice. I poured out my heart and soul in doing its assignments and projects. Sir used to encourage everyone a lot especially our group. He felt ours was the most innocent one among all (that really made me happy from within). Finally we had our sir’s support. He used to persuade us to take up tasks and tried to push us ahead. We found a good place for ourselves in the minds of people. We were all smart, hard working, affable and most important a closed group. We were not like other girls, whining or bitching behind the backs. We always believed that we were all a “Family” and we treated each other so. Everything was going really smooth. During the final exams we (I, Dia and Hemangi) were asked to commute in a different van because our exam timings were different and we were only three who were in semester 4 other girls were in different semesters and they had regular college. So the vanwala chap had adjusted us in some other van for few days. It was a boys van. Dia’s close friend Arjun (Dia’s third love interest and a member of Damru gang) was also in that van. It was the first day of exam and all three of us gathered at my house from where the chap of that new van would pick us up. I was tensed (being present amidst so many boys always made me sweat) but thank god I wasn’t alone. I had Dia and Hemangi’s company. The van came to pick us up and we all sat. Then the van went to pick Arjun and the rest of the nerds. There was a boy named Armaan who studied in Mechanical and was a very good looking guy. Lot of girls went mad for him. I had never seen him before. Neha (my friend from E.C. who used to come in my old van) once mentioned me about this guy and about his looks. She had a small crush on this guy. Dia knew about each and everyone in the college. She knew that he also commutes by this van only. So she told me and Hemangi in prior only that “If you have not seen this guy. This is the chance that you can see him. He really looks good.” For me it didn’t matter whether he looked good or bad. I was hardly interested. But when his house came our concentration swiftly drifted from our books to him. We were eagerly waiting to see him. I wanted to see him but just out of sheer curiosity about what did Neha like about him. He came and got in. We were sitting in the south direction and the guys in the north direction in parallel. I was about to raise my head and see him but the first thing I observed was his jeans. He wore those funky types of jeans which are tore at the thighs. Seeing them I tucked Hemangi’s feet. She in turn tucked Dia’s feet. We all three were seeing his jeans only and tried hard to control our laugh. I was literally about to burst out. But somehow I managed to concentrate back on my books. Armaan definitely felt something fishy because all of three were mildly laughing. I was revising the chapters along with Dia and Hemangi and it was my old habit to speak loud. So whenever I spoke aloud all the eyeballs turned towards me. We got down and all the way we just burst out that we were so much curious to see his one glance and couldn’t control because we got stuck at his jeans. It was a very hilarious moment. Especially, I wasn’t able to look beyond his jeans. We went for few days in that van and had a great time seeing the ways those guys used to behave. They were weird, dumb and innocent at the same time. Moreover we got to know one thing that Armaan’s favourite song was “Emptiness” by Rohan Rathod because he always demanded that song to be played. But even during those 7 days, I didn’t have the courage to see Armaan. I really didn’t. But the stupid talks of those guys and their jokes were definitely giving us a good reason to smirk.

To Be Continued..

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Splendid Six
Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. Splendid Six is being published on BuddyBits.com every Thursday. Stay tuned to read more from Splendid Six.
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