Startup Talk with Ashish Chandani, Co-founder of Giftease

Do you always wonder what to gift? Need an easy option to gift someone? We have found a gifting portal for you,! You can deliver gifts to your special ones through Today in Startup Talk, we are presenting story of Have a look at our conversation with Ashish Chandani.

Who is Ashish Chandani?

Ashish Chandani (Co-founder, COO, Giftease)
Ashish Chandani
(Co-founder, COO, Giftease)

Ashish Chandani is co-founder and COO of He leads the company’s sales, marketing and customer services division and is responsible for driving corporate and operational strategies. Ashish established in April 2012 and since then has been successfully providing the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the company has proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures and systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and working efficiency. Prior to establishing Giftease, Ashish spent more than 15 years in the Hospitality and Retail industry with reputed companies like Graviss Hospitality Ltd and Ambition Trading Pvt ltd, where he was responsible for various verticals in hospitality bakery , gourmet cafes and banquets. He had been administering various responsibilities like business development, operations and services. With meticulous planning he led the operations effectively.

What is What’s the idea and concept behind your startup?

Giftease aims to be an online gifting specialist which makes giving gifts as delightful as receiving them. Based out of Pune, Giftease operates, which offers handpicked choices across a wide range of categories including Home & lifestyle products, Toys & Games, Fashion accessories, Jewellery, gadgets, flowers, chocolates and more. offers a unique gifting experience, through improved website usability for finding the perfect gift fast, fixed date delivery, choice of exquisite gift wrapping options, gift exchanges and more features are in the works, to make the experience fun and special. currently delivers to over 5000 locations across India, and this reach is continually being expanded.


How did you initiate What is the story behind starting up?

Giftease’s main promoter is Mr. Arun Nathani, a very successful technology entrepreneur, who is the founder-CEO of Cybage Software Pvt ltd with a track record of high growth over a span of 18 years. He identified the tremendous potential in the e-commerce business space. Arun Nathani & Ashish Chandani decided to launch a portal that would cater to customers who are looking for gift options online.

What was the motive behind starting

Giftease’s main promoter is Mr. Arun Nathani, a very successful technology entrepreneur had identified the tremendous potential in the e-commerce business space. Arun Nathani & Ashish Chandani then together decided to launch a portal that would cater to customers who are looking for gift options online.

How much time did you invest in this venture?

The concept was outlined in the mid-2012 and to launch our business & flagship store it took us 6 months. The website was operation in 10 months with an seed investment from our founder & co founders .

Tell us about the revenue model of your startup.

We are an e-retailer & we offer customers handpicked gifting options across categories to select from.

What are the stats of your startup?

We are at a humble start with 20,000 plus visitors daily & are shipping over 150 orders per day.

Which challenges have you faced while converting your idea into reality?

It has been a very exciting journey so far, with challenges & celebrations in equal measure. Of course, as a startup, one of our key challenges at this stage is to build a strong, customer-focused and talented team, which is committed and passionate about delivering delight to every customer. How we deliver the experience of gifting is ultimately what will differentiate us from much larger, mass e-commerce players, and hence the passion to acquire new customers, and delight customers each time, is crucial.

It is very gratifying when customers tell us that they prefer our website because they find it easy to find the right gift, or they love the way the gift was packaged, or compliment a team member who went out of her way to ensure that the gift was delivered in time- these are the things that make us believe that we are on the right track, and these are what we count as our achievements.

Which is the major challenge you are facing right now?

We are very ambitious however also very grounded in our approach to business. Our major concern is building a stronger value proposition for the customers and keeping our cost of acquisitions healthy.

What is failure according to you? Have you tasted it? If yes, share your failure story.

I have not had any major failures but in a entrepreneurs life no victory lasts more than a day . Everyday you are back to square one , but solving a different problem , failure keeps constantly nagging an entrepreneur even if they are an established brand , if you are stimulated solving problems and plugging the failure you are going to survive in the long run Failure is everything that happens to you before you succeed. So, Take it in your stride and move ahead.

What’s your future plan?

We are investing across the business- in technology to improve the customer experience, in marketing, to build awareness & trial for; adding to our range, streamlining operations etc., and we hope that these shall enable us to become the choice for sending a gift to anyone, anytime.

What’s your success mantra?

It’s all about being creative & dedicated in your approach. The more you serve your customers with creativity the more you will nurture.

What is Entrepreneurship according to you?

Entrepreneurship is the willingness to take risks and develop organize and manage a business in a competitive marketplace that is constantly evolving , it is constantly demanding attention.

Which message would you like to give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

With just a few months of entrepreneurship with Giftease, we are hardly qualified to advise other entrepreneurs, however as far as online retailing is concerned, we believe that this is all about the customer, and not about technology, as some startups believe. Secondly, as it is about customers and changing their behavior is a gradual process, one needs to have the patience and the ability to stick it out.

So, next time when you need to send someone a gift, don’t forget to try

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Startup Talk with Ashish Chandani, Co-founder of Giftease

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