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What do you do when you need new books in new semester? Most probably you’ll buy new one or search out for old one to exchange from your friends. Right? Are you a subscriber of tons of magazines? And what do you do with your magazines after you read? Its time to save money, now you can exchange your used magazines with other users. A final year computer engineering student from Vallabh Vidyanagar thought otherwise. He developed a book exchange portal- when he saw this problem. Isn’t it amazing? Today in Startup Talk, we are featuring story of this young champ Karan Pujara. Have a look at our conversation with Karan (Founder,

Who is Karan Pujara? Why we are taking your interview?

I am 21 year old guy basically from Kutch-Bhuj, pursuing my final year computer engineering at A.D. Patel institute of Technology- Vallabh Vidyanagar. I will soon to be a computer engineer and co-founder of

What is StudentDesk? Tell us more about it.

Student Desk

As our tagline says, “Exchange, Share and Explore”, we are bringing this site to the users for easy and free exchange of used books which we think will be useful to the consumers in this increasing virtual online world.

What’s the story behind starting up this venture?

This idea basically originated along with my life in hostel. People regularly exchange books and various other materials during their life in hostel. Students also go in search for books during commencement of new semesters, which gave us an idea of developing a portal which helps the users and facilitates them with easy exchange.

Student Desk Bookmark
Student Desk Bookmark

What is the main aim of starting up this venture?

Our main aim is to make books exchange very easy, and cost effective for students, here students can search books with different categorize and easily they can exchange it with other users of the city for limited period of time as they don’t have to buy each book they want.

How much money and time did you invest in this venture?

We have been working day and night on this since last two months balancing between our startup and engineering.

As our main marketing is focused over social-media, there is less amount of expenses we have to make for it.

How did you manage fund? How much time it took to convert your idea into reality?

As our budget is not too big we didn’t have to wait for the funds from other people and managed on our own.

Before one and half year this idea came into my mind but was packed in a box and we didn’t do anything about it. Almost 6 months ago we presented this idea in “ Business Boot camp at Gujarat Technological University “ and after receiving so much appreciation from mentors we thought that we should not waste any more time and started working on it. So in all it took us 2 months to develop this website and we launched it on 2nd January 2014.

Which difficulties have you faced while creating StudentDesk?

The major difficulty was managing studies along with this as we had to balance our both sides. But I think we did it quite decently without messing up anything.

What major challenges are you facing right now ?

Marketing, like making people aware about our concept is big challenge we are facing.

What’s your Future plan?

We are going to add different colleges in our portal so that user can easily find book posted by their college students and they can easily exchange their book with each other so every time they don’t have to travel around the city for exchanging their books.

Give a message to our readers and Upcoming Entrepreneurs.

Don’t waste too much time in thinking about your idea, like we did. Just start working on it.

Never give up. Great things take time.

What do you think about

BuddyBits is really great platform for youth to show their creativity, it Always keeps us updated about what is interesting happening around the world in every field.

Thanks Karan. We wish you all the best for all your upcoming endeavors.

[Originally Published on BuddyBits Stars on 16th February, 2014]

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