10 types of Instagram Friends Indians have

Instagram has given birth to a new generation of photographers. They see something interesting, click it and post it instantly. They don’t need a rhyme or reason to post on Instagram, they just do. They are simply sharing their passion with others through pictures without inhibitions of any sort.

After a little bit of research and personal experiences on Instagram, I have seen a pattern when it comes to types of Instagram photographers in India. Every photo feed on Instagram will have these peculiar people. Look through our list and tell us if your feed too has these Instagram users!

1. Mein Apni Favourite Hu

10 types of Instagram Friends we all have Shelfie
I, Me, Myself

Though initially a category reserved for women, this category has a growing number of male participants as well. Be it Diwali or Holi or Raksha Bandhan, these people only believe in posting selfies! They try really hard to give you different poses, but ultimately stick to their favourite selfie look!

2. Kya Kool Hai Hum

10 types of Instagram Friends we all have Group Pic
Kya Kool Hai Hum

Too shy to post a selfie? Group photos come to the rescue! This set of instagramers post pictures with school friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and with random on the streets! They are often spotted wearing sunglasses and looking randomly at the sky!

3. Bread Pakoda Ki Kasam

10 types of Instagram Friends we all have Foodie
The Foodie!

Bread Pakoda may not be the most appealing food on the plate, but this set of instagramers can make any food look sexy! They eat with their eyes first and capture every food item in every meal. From chai to chaana puri, pizza to panipuri, pasta to paan, jalebi to jamun, dosa to desserts; you will get to see all the food available in India!

4. Band Baja Baraat

10 types of Instagram Friends we all have Wedding
Band Bajaa Barati

This set of Instagram users is super active during the Shaadi season! From the mehendi design to the reception food, from the gorgeous ghagharas to gaudy sherwanis, they are obsessed with Indian Weddings. Whether you attend the wedding or not, they make sure you get all the updates!

5. Tu Janta Nai Mein Kaun Hu

10 types of Instagram Friends we all have Self Obsessed
Tu Jaanta Nahi Mai Kon Hoon

We all have that one instagram friend who loves to show off. He will flaunt his Audi and she will exhibit her shopping bags from Zara! They may not be having their next meal at Hyatt, but that will not stop them from posting pictures from the hotel lobby!

6. Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara

10 types of Instagram Friends we all have Nature
The Traveller

Those instagramers that love to travel, see the world and click the most picturesque romantic sceneries. Matheraan to Mandrid, Switzerland to Shirdi, they have seen it all. They make you feel jealous by taking trips every weekend! Their Instagram feed will remind you of a travel magazine and make you wonder about their salary!

7. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

10 types of Instagram Friends we all have Love
The Love Birds

This category specifically belongs to those who are in love, recently engaged, scheduled to be married and honeymoon couples! From Pyar Ke Side effects to Shaadi ke Side effects, you will experience everything with this couple! If you are not the romantic kind, you might feel suffocated with all the Ishq Wala Love!

8. Awwwww..


This is simply an extension of the previous category, but it includes everything that makes women go ‘Awwwww’! From a roadside kitten to a Tata Nano, from a Cadbury dairy milk to a 4 year old bhanja, these instagramers find everything ‘cute’! They have an antenna to catch everything cute, if you are adorable enough, they might click a picture with you too!

9. Kuttey

10 types of Instagram Friends we all have Dogs
The Pet Lover

Female instgramers rule this category! They are dog lovers that own dogs or play with the neighbour’s dog. They most definitely don’t have boyfriends and shower all their love on the dog ‘tommy’. Even if they have boyfriends, they would rather pose with their dogs and call it ‘baby’. Yes, they are the ones who fill your Instagram feed with pictures of dogs that are surprised, scared or embarrassed!

10. Kuch Bhi!

10 types of Instagram Friends we all have Random
The Random One

This set of instagramers does not understand Instagram or photography. They most probably are just using their account to spy on others. Obviously, they don’t want to be caught, therefore they will post pictures of the ceiling fan, favourite actors or pens and everything that can be called as ‘Kuch Bhi’!

What do you think?

Do you have same friends on Instagram? Want to add more? Use comment box and tell us. 🙂

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Hemal is a content developer by day and at night she is an experimental chef! An aspiring entrepreneur, she has coffee running in her veins and wacky business ideas in her brains.Her evolving bucket list includes backpacking across Italy, hosting her own food show and starting her own website! At BuddyBits, she is a friend, philosopher and guide!

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10 types of Instagram Friends Indians have

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