Exclusive Interview with a Hacker!

Hacker! When you hear this word, image of a terrorist like person comes to your mind. But do you know why hackers hack sites? Their intentions are not always bad. Sometimes, to express themselves or to prove their point, they hack into systems. Today on BuddyBits.com, we are presenting an exclusive interview with a well known hacker. Know everything about life of a hacker in this interview. Go on and check it out.

Who are you? Why we are taking your interview?


I am a patriotic Indian hacker known by my handle name ShOrTy420. People have a myth that hackers harm the confidential information of people or organizations but that’s not true. I am an Indian first and then a hacker, I only hack sites of other countries that try to intrude into Indian Cyber Space and try to steal confidential information. I also warn people about the vulnerabilities of that they can face and ask them to take protective measures so that they can protect themselves from the intrusion.

Tell us about your education and your professional life.

I have completed my high school from St. Thomas, Ghaziabad and my higher secondary education from Andra Education Delhi. I have done B.Tech (CSE) as my graduation course and now am doing a job in a well known marketing company as a Junior Linux Server Administrator for living.

Tell us how did the idea of becoming a hacker struck your head?

Actually the idea of intruding someone’s personal computers has always fascinated me. Computers had been my passion. Since my school days I’ve always dreamt of dealing and operating with computers and have always been curious about learning new things. One of the event that I remember which actually persuaded me was when some Pakistani hackers intruded into Indian CBI’s official website during the year 2010. That incident stirred me within inside; it inspired me to stand for my country against the intruder Pakistani. I wanted them to know that they cannot trespass into our territory whenever they want.

Have you been ever caught while hacking? Please share your experience if any.

Oh yes, I was caught once or twice .In 2011, i defaced the official website of IP UNIVERSITY DELHI but it was all for a good cause. I had informed and warned them about the vulnerabilities about their website through mail. Even after repetitive reminders they didn’t pay heed to my warnings so to bring that matter into their account I hacked their system to prove my point. Another case was in 2013, when I hacked into the official website of Congress leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi and some other leaders, like Haryana CM Mr. Bhupinder Singh Huda. We the members of hacker community had issues with congress party like each and every citizen of this country has. This was just a way of voicing our opinion against their work and other is I hacked into the official website of AICC ALL INDIA CONGRESS COMMITTEE for which a case was filed against me by the congress media head, in cyber cell. It’s not like I am an anti congress but I do have issues with their work body. I even got into the BJP’s system when they refused to support the Jan Lokpal Bill.

What are the Pros and Cons of being a hacker.

The advantage of being a hacker is that we have a platform to voice our opinions and views, we have an access and control over personal systems. We use our knowledge in telling and warning people or organizations to know the vulnerabilities that their systems face. We help and guide them to protect their confidential data. It gives an amazing feeling when I think that we hackers are an aid to the national security. The disadvantage of being a hacker is that we don’t have a life. We are so much dedicated to our work that we don’t have time to get social or spend time for anything else.

How many websites have you been able to hack? List well known sites hacked by you.

Well. I can’t say the exact number but it will be around 30k+ ! Google, NASA , military , Harvard , MIT , Delhi university , Nehru University, many Porn websites and sum of the other domains.

Why do you hack sites?

Well as I told you that it helps me to voice my opinion. I try to hack and get into the system of intruders of other countries like china, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka who try to hack our countries system and get into the confidential system. I want to make the administration know about the vulnerabilities that their system faces but they act as ignorant most of the times so I give them demonstration by hacking the websites.

Have you studies hacking? Where?

No, I didn’t do any professional study for hacking. I had huge interest for the subject so I learnt it all by myself and learnt it. I even took help from Google and other stuff to learn things.

Do you hack professionally?

Yes, I do. There are two types of professional hacking I used to do first was as a vulnerability assessment penetration testing which was actually a contract with the company of finding the vulnerabilities in their sites and network so that they can fix it and the other is, private cases in these we hack websites of different companies as told for a person whose identity is mostly unknown and get paid for it.

If yes, who were your biggest client and how much he paid?

A reliance official gave us a contract to hack into the site of L&T oiling co. but as the person was dead social engineering was nearly impossible to be done. We were offered 6 crores rupees for this task but it couldn’t be done unfortunately. Later it was passed to an Egyptian hacker but they failed to do it as well.

Porn Site Hacked by ShortyCharsoBeas
Screenshot of a Porn Site Hacked by ShortyCharsoBeas

Any regret of being a hacker?

No, I don’t regret whatever I do because I know what I am doing is right, what actually bugs me is that the govt. of other countries are much more supportive to ethical hacking but our government wants to nip every new thing in its bud without thinking that it’s for the betterment of our country.

What do you tell people about your profession?

I used to tell them that I am a security consultant and a Pen tester!

Do your family and friends know that you’re a hacker? And do they support you ?

Yes they definitely know that I am a hacker. They have been a huge source of support in my life. They have shown immense confidence in me and helped me throughout this journey. They support me immensely because they know that I am not doing anything wrong. My work is to help and make aware people about the cyber threats and that why I am here.

Describe any one best and one worst moment of your life being a hacker.

Every job has its pros and cons. They have been interesting moments as well as low moments in my life while doing my job. But I have always taken things into my stride. The journey so far has been extremely exciting and a roller coaster ride for me.

Last message for our readers and aspiring hackers.

First thing I would like to say is that hacking is not a crime and it’s not anything wrong in fact the truth is that it is a tool if wisely used can be used for the good work and purpose like serving or protecting the national security. For a beginner, when first they enter into a cyber space, they mostly do something illegal like hacking government sites to get attention or lime light but it’s actually like digging a hole for own self. Hacking should be always done for a good purpose like for maintaining the security for one’s country. Never use it for wrong things.

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[Edited by Asha Kumar]

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Exclusive Interview with a Hacker!

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