How to get more likes on your Facebook Profile Picture?

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Dear betes and betis, have you ever wondered how random people on Facebook get so many likes on their Profile Photo? I know you said yes. Ok. People ask me the same question again and again. I carried out some research. After lot of Tapasyaa, I’ve got success in knowing their secret of so many likes even on average or ugly photos. How do they get so many likes on their Facebook DP? Today in “Bournvita with Baba”, I am going to reveal secret of Facebook likes. Keep calm and read my tips. You’re about to get famous on Facebook.

How to get likes on your Facebook Profile Picture?

First of all remember, it’s not┬ánecessary to have your photo clicked decently or clicked through SLR. Through my trick ugly photos captured by Nokia 1500 will also get so many likes. Please go though my tips to get likes on your ugly photos.

  1. Upload it on Facebook on 6 PM. And let people like it.
  2. Derp-01 will comment something on your photo at 7 PM. You see it, do nothing and let people like your photo.
  3. Reply to Derp-01 at 9 PM. So the photo can catch more attention.
  4. Seeing comments, Derp-02 and Derpina-03 will comment. Don’t reply to them till next morning.
  5. Reply to Derp-02 at 9 AM, next day. You’ll get likes from those who check Facebook in morning.
  6. Reply to Derpina-03 at 3 PM. This way you caught attention of people signing on Facebook in all time, morning, noon and evening.
  7. If no one comments on your photo, don’t worry. I’ve solution for that too. Make few fake Facebook accounts. And comment on your photo from those accounts, Nice pic bro, amazing click broda, beautiful pic sweety, etc.
  8. And reply to Fake accounts from your account, thanks bro, thanks a lot, thanks cutie pie, etc.
  9. Need some extra likes? After two days of uploading the photograph, when no one likes or comments, you like your own photo. People who haven’t yet liked will like your photo.
  10. And after two days of doing that, tag yourself in the photo. It will show “Derp tagged in his own photo” to your friends. And those who have still not liked it will like it.

There you go. You’ll easily get 200 likes on a random photo. Even there is nothing to take in your photo.

Like Deal

Some people also sign MOUs with each other. Let me tell you how these like deals work.

  • Tell your friend, who also upload ugly photos to comment on your photo after one month of uploading your photo.
  • Reply his comment. And all new friends which you made in that month or old friends who haven’t yet liked photos will like it. Thanks to your friend.
  • If he has already commented at the time of posting photo, ask him to delete that comment and post fresh comment after a month.
  • Do the same for his ugly photos.
  • You can sign like MOUs for many friends. More deals you’ll sign, more likes you’ll get.

Extra Tip: While making Fake account, consider making fake accounts of girls. Girl’s comments catch more attention.

I’m sure these tips will work. Next time I will give you other tips. You can follow me on Facebook to get awesome updates from me. Comment karna mat bhulna betes and betis. Dhanyavaad and Kripawati Bhava.

[Note: Content written in this column is fictitious and it is for entertainment purpose only. Tips, tricks, advices given in this column by Hudi Baba is sarcastic and unrealistic. Please enjoy post, but do not follow or apply any advices in your real life.]

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