Movie Review: Dishkiyaoon

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Cast: Sunny Deol, Harman Baweja, Ayesha Khanna, Prashant Narayanan, Aditya Pancholi

Director: Sanamjit Singh Talwar

Dishkiyaoon is a simple story mixed with lot of twists and turn; but none of them works. It’s a gangster flick and has so many characters that it’s tough to remember who is who. It’s a film just made for Harman Baweja. He tries his level best but still falls short of everything. Sunny Deol, why is he in the film? It’s a long exhausting experience. All good actors are wasted. Same old background score and nothing new to offer at all. Watch it if you don’t have anything to do and you spend lot of money on movies.

What’s good?

I tried very hard but couldn’t find a single good part. Harman Baweja and Prashant Narayanan works.

What’s bad?

Dialogues, extra characters, story, twists, everything!


Dishkiyaoon is flat and too much baked. Watch it only if you have nothing much to do this weekend and you like to spend too much on movies. Not at all recommended from I am going with 2 Bits out of 5.

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Hitarth Solanki
Hitarth is a movie buff by passion, creative by head and guitarist with funk and engineer by force. Deeply rooted in movies and in love with the 70 mm screen, can watch any thing and every thing. All in all movies complete me!


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