Movie Review: Gulab Gang

Gulab Gang is a story of two powerful women and how they use their power. One uses it for well being of others and  one for the power of greed. Madhuri dixit (Rajjo) is the Gulab Gang leader who is fierce and wants to open schools for the kids specially girls. While Juhi Chawla (Madam ji) plays a power greedy politician who is eager to win the coming elections.

When I was going for the film I was fully colored with the fact that Juhi Chawla and Madhuri Dixit are going to share the same screen and I was expecting fire works on the screen with some hard core crunchy dialogues but unfortunately they didn’t create even a goose bump in my stomach it was a flat story which everyone knows and can write this story in one day .I was expecting some corny lines but what I got was half baked dialogues, screenplay that has no grip and speed. Madhuri Dixit tries her best but this time its Juhi Chawla who steals the show she plays the corrupt politician with ease and while Madhuri plays the role tailor made for her but still it does not satisfies the hunger. Gulab Gang consist of fine performance from the supporting cast specially the gang members, they gets more good dialogues than Juhi chawla. Gulab gang could have been good if the screenplay was little tight and specially how they make us believe about rural India is just lame.

What’s Good?

Juhi Chawla gives a fine performance and the supporting cast gets the best lines in the movie, the way they fight injustice makes you root for them and the film represents a woman’s view very nicely

What’s Bad?

Screenplay is too weak plus dialogues could have been better, direction is average, music is below average, action is not required in this movie but the makers tried to woo the audience with it which doesn’t work at all.


Watch it if you don’t have any other option, it lacks everything all in all. Gulab Gang gets 2 Bits out of 5 from We recommend you to skip this one.

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Hitarth Solanki
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