[Splendid Six] The aisle of Self Discovery

Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. The aisle of Self Discovery is twenty third chapter in weekly column Splendid Six. Have you missed previous Chapters of the column? Click Here to read Previous Chapters.

The aisle of Self Discovery

The journey headed forward for the six of us. It was our 6th semester. We were the second senior most people in the college. We enjoyed the journey thoroughly for the last 5 semesters. Now it was time we do something more technically inclined to our field. We started attending various college fests and seminars in order to brush up our knowledge and ignite our minds but nothing could work for our rusted brains. We had somewhere down closed down our thinking ability or began to think engineering as a fun job. We knew the consequences would not be very good. Only Hemangi and Pari could excel in any of the programs or technical assignments given to us whereas I and Khushi excelled only in exams with flying colours. Dia and Naina were more into the cultural zone. They vigorously participated in dances. Though I too was a very good dancer but my conscious mind never allowed me to get on the stage in front of all those people who thought I was Albert Einstein and extremely sophisticated. Dia too knew that I was a very good dancer but never coaxed me to get into the group. She had formed a huge group for these cultural activities. She was the head and people followed her blindly. Siddharth and Arjun were always mad about Dia and they sometimes didn’t realize that she played with their hearts.

It was in 6th semester that i realized that there was something brewing between Dia and Arjun. Everyone could see it except Siddharth I guess. We started teasing her again but this time with a new guy. She blushed at times which made me realize that something must is definitely going wrong. Arjun was below mediocre when it came to looks but he had a deadly genius brains. I think Dia fell for him there. But I never found his ways appropriate so I told her that back off if something serious is brewing between the two. She always used to reply that “No, No, nothing like that. He is just a friend”. I then neglected it. A strong friendship was infusing between her and Deepa (A girl from C.E. department) who I didn’t like much. She was a birdie. She was very callous at times, a chatter box and a ding-dong type of girl. I didn’t like her character at all. She was always seen with boys talking, chatting and fighting. I even felt that she was somewhere spoiling Dia. Dia now was spending more and more time with Siddharth, Arjun and Deepa. They were a group now. Dia now was drifting away from me. This really frustrated me initially. First it was Raj and now Dia. I was having tremendous mood swings. Sometimes I felt extremely low and at times I was full of spirit.

We now had a new project on the board. We were asked to form teams and prepare for the project with our seniors. I and Hemangi were thrilled. It was a golden chance to nail it. We enrolled for our names. But now the worst part came. Khushi insisted of being a part of our team. But we were very reluctant. I hated to do anything with Khushi. So I and Hemangi made a filthy plan. First, we said yes to Khushi that we will be with her and then behind her back we asked another guy to be a part of our team. The team required 1 senior and 3 from 6th semester. So we secretly formed the plan and were working on it to get the project definition approved. But one day, Khushi got to know about it. She was dejected and rejected. I didn’t realize that it would turn out to be so shallow. She then formed a group with Pari and Naina and they approached a senior. Later on, that evening Hemangi got a call from Khushi. She was weeping badly about how bad we behaved with her and if we didn’t want her to be a part of the project, we should have told her on the face. She further added “There was no need for you people to lie. It was perfectly fine I would have understood. But you both played a foul game with me”. Hemangi conveyed each and everything that Khushi told her. I felt really guilty. That very day, sir was going to announce the name of the group members whose project definitions got selected. It was a big project for any I.T. student. We would have got a chance to work with the mammoth firm like IBM. I and Hemangi were eagerly for our names to be called out. But that was a back fire for us when we learnt that our project definition was rejected. It was Khushi’s group whose definition was selected. I was trashed for that very moment. It was tit for tat. I tried to harm and dig a pit for someone but I had a great fall in the very same pit.

That very incident opened my eyes. I had learnt a very important lesson in my life. This was the first and the last time I ever did such a dreadful mistake. I have understood I more thing in my life that whenever I tried to do something wrong, god always punished me. So the moral for me was “Hatred would chop me into pieces, it is only through love that I can win over the evil too”. I reconciled with Khushi. I knew that she would definitely hate me after that very incident. But still there was a hope that things would get better and better with time.

That very day something very bad happened with Khushi. We were asked to go to for an industrial visit to a nearby place which was located somewhere 5kms from our college. It was a compulsion for everyone. Lot of students were not prepared to go there because many of them felt that it was a waste of time. The firm was related with the mechanical work, there was nothing related to the Information Technology but still we were forced to follow the herd. We were sitting when Naina interrupted “Is it worthy enough to go to such a place? I mean we have not informed back at home and the visit would take place for at least 5 hours. What to do?”  Khushi then told “Even I don’t wish to go. My paternal aunt is not feeling well. She is hospitalized and my mother is looking after her. I have to go and see her today”. She then went to our course co-ordinator (Professor Jinal) to inform her to exempt her from this trip. Like her many students went and approached Professor Jinal. She then went and informed our Dabang lady Professor Nita that many students are not ready to come for the visit. This infuriated Professor Nita and she assembled the whole class in the lab. She was in one of her worst moods ever. I have never seen her so red-tempered. She asked Professor Jinal to list down all the names who refused to go for the industrial visit. One by one she called out the names. The first to get nailed on the cross was Manav. The second was Drasti and the third one was Khushi.

Khushi was definitely her favourite one (she was always in her bad books). She insulted her in front of the whole class unlike the last time where the embarrassment was inside her cabin and in front of us). Khushi couldn’t take the insult, so she started to weep very badly and kept telling her that it was genuine reason. She wasn’t making an excuse to which Professor Nita replied “I don’t know. You silly girl, you always make excuses and always cry. How ridiculous your reasons are. Now sit down and stop crying”. Then one after one every sheep’s head got shoved off. When she left all the girls rushed towards Khushi and started to calm her down. The boys were giggling seeing her cry. But I took her away from everyone and told to forget everything and to come with us for the industrial visit. She stopped sobbing and then held my hands strongly. She told “I don’t know what’s between us friendship or hostility but whenever something goes wrong you are always beside me. No one understands me and no one loves me. Hemangi, the one who I loved more than a sister never supported or liked me. What all I not do to keep her with me but she disowned me always”. I was filled with emotions thinking that she was in extreme pain and if possible I thought that I need to help her out so that she gets away with this. We went for the visit and then returned back. That day was a day of realization for me. I felt like a new version of me was coming out. Now I didn’t believe in enmity. I wish to help out people in whatever way I can. I just realized that things done with pure heart and mind will always excel in any worse situation.

To Be Continued..

What next? Keep eyes on this column, next episode will be published next Thursday.

Splendid Six
Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. Splendid Six is being published on BuddyBits.com every Thursday. Stay tuned to read more from Splendid Six.

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Asha Kumar

Asha has completed her Engineering in the field of I.T. and now pursuing M.B.A. from Somlalit Institute of Management (Ahmedabad). She is intense, introvert and extremely impatience. Writing is sheer love and passion for her. "I become the Alice from Alice in Wonderland when I start writing. It takes me to a different horizon. There are so many things that I discover when I start to pen down my thoughts. It gives me immense pleasure." says Asha.

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