[Splendid Six] The Haunted House Trip

Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. The Haunted House Trip is twenty fifth chapter in weekly column Splendid Six. Have you missed previous Chapters of the column? Click Here to read Previous Chapters.

The Haunted House Trip

We were always in the good books of everyone. As the time passed, we genuinely started feeling like as if we were letting the time pass and not enjoying ourselves. So on the Independence Day, 15th August we decided to bunk the cultural function and go out to chill out. It then happened. I, Khushi and Hemangi were waiting for Pari, Dia and Naina who were attending the function inside. We wanted to explore a new place so we thought of visiting a haunted place which would add some thrill in our lives. We had two vehicles so we adjusted ourselves and went to this place which was really considered to be very haunted one. The NRI’s had their houses located in those premises. So it was in all an isolated place in all. While going through that lane, we realized that many vacant lavish buildings were present around. There were bushes and rocks around. We stopped at a place and clicked photos from my digital camera. There was a huge tree nearby. We all climbed on it one by one and I climbed the highest. They clicked my photo and I was hanging just like a monkey from one of the branches. But it was a great fun.

Then suddenly Naina said she wanted to disclose something to us. We were listening eagerly to her conversation. She said “Listen girls. I just wanted to say that I…I…I am in a relationship with someone”. We all screamed with joy and excitement “We knew. We knew. Congratulations. (Hehehe) Finally one of us did it”. We went hugging each other and most important, we rushed to Naina and hugged her tightly. We gave her a group hug. It was one of the most memorable moments. Naina mentioned that his name was Shekhar and he was pursuing B.Com from some college. It really didn’t matter to us whether he was an engineer or just some random guy. For us what mattered the most was Naina’s happiness and she found her happiness in him. We have heard of those haunted houses so now we thought “Aaj kuch toofani karte hain”. We were about to turn our vehicles when we suddenly saw the Damru gang people heading towards the hotel “The Grand Bhagwati Seasons”. We thought “Oh ho!! Not here at least”. But then we went to our destination “The haunted house”. There were many bumpy roads. Driving in such roads was not an easy task. We went inside and inside. I was a bit frightened one. I suggested “Hey girls let’s move back”. One of them replied “Hey no way. If we have reached so far let’s get there. Don’t Worry Aisha, we all are there together. So don’t worry”. I gathered all my strength and somehow managed to reach there.

When we were approaching closer, I suddenly felt some negative vibes from the nearby surroundings. The house was now very clearly visible. It seemed as no one had been into that house for years now. Pari, Naina and Khushi were thrilled and more than excited to enter that horror zone. Dia and Hemangi were more like me. They too feared these things. But Pari forced us to get inside the house so that we can enjoy a new horror ride. The walls were faded off. There were some writings on it but we were not able to trace out what was actually written. We tried to open the doors. When Pari couldn’t alone open it, we all pushed together and then we entered into a new zone. It was absolute dark inside. There were cob webs around. Small mice were running here and there. There were hand prints on the walls. Things were written like “Leave Me”, “Spare Me “and like “Don’t hate me”. We didn’t know what to do next. Pari was about to open another room. When she tried to open it, I really got a jerk from within. I didn’t think of anything else but pulled Hemangi’s hand and went out. I said “If anyone wants to come out then come. I am leaving. I don’t want to be a part of this stupid stuff”. Dia shouted from behind “Hey Aisha, wait I am coming. Don’t leave me alone”. Then Pari sighed. She wanted to discover each and every corner of that house but her plan was spoiled because of me. The other three also then came out with small faces.  The aura in that whole area was very negative. We then headed to “The Grand Bhagwati Seasons” for lunch as we had planned in prior. We were sitting silently for the first 10 minutes and then Dia interrupted to break the ice. She said “Oh god! Mummy I am feeling scared” and started acting as she had become completely numb. She started making some weird and unusual noises. We all were startled. We tried to calm her down. We all got up and rushed with a glass of water towards her. She then burst into laugh, “Hey girls, chill. Why you all so much tensed. I did so that you all can talk. I hate this much silence. So it was just to avoid it”. I shouted at her “Do you even imagine we went in such a great panic. Don’t ever try to do this again”. Then suddenly we all burst in laughing. Dia said “What?” To which Pari replied “We thought that the ghost went inside your system and from now onwards we have to deal with one more phantom. Were you less that we have to deal with one more”. Hearing this Dia sprinkled water on Pari. Naina took the glass of water and turned upside down on Hemangi. Hemangi then threw tissue paper balls on Khushi and in this way we were going madder. The waiter then interrupted saying that it was a restaurant and such behaviour is not entertained there. He further added that we could enjoy ourselves in the lawn or poolside.

It was hot scorching heat so we all jumped without giving any second thoughts inside the pool. We then enjoyed the unplanned and unexpected ride inside the pool. After enjoying for an hour or so we then went towards the lawn so that we can dry ourselves along with our clothes in the heat and then proceed home.

To Be Continued..

What next? Keep eyes on this column, next episode will be published next Thursday.

Splendid Six
Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. Splendid Six is being published on BuddyBits.com every Thursday. Stay tuned to read more from Splendid Six.

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Asha Kumar

Asha has completed her Engineering in the field of I.T. and now pursuing M.B.A. from Somlalit Institute of Management (Ahmedabad). She is intense, introvert and extremely impatience. Writing is sheer love and passion for her. "I become the Alice from Alice in Wonderland when I start writing. It takes me to a different horizon. There are so many things that I discover when I start to pen down my thoughts. It gives me immense pleasure." says Asha.

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