10 things a Girl look for in a Guy

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“Well, I don’t want the whole world.
The sun, the moon and all their light.
I just want to be the only girl you love all your life.”

“Awe… that’s so sweet” reaction of all the girls and maybe thinking of all girls. Yes all girls now a days want a guy who love her to the death no matter what. Every girl in their mind has a picture of ideal guy or let’s say something like “Mr Perfect”. Being a youngster I also can understand the feeling or the thought about our “Mr Perfect”, what expectations we have from them or how he should look and many more stuff going on in every girl’s mind now a days. Recently I was just going through my Facebook home page and I read the above quote and I just got an urge to scribble something and post it.

So many questions girls must be having in their mind regarding their “Mr Perfect”, “Prince Charming”, “Hero”, “Prince” and let’s say a guy with a mixture of unconditional love, caring, loyal, trustworthy, faithful, and a little possessive. The guy whom a girl can cuddle like a baby and who can even be matured and responsible enough to take some serious decisions in right time. Well, I blabber so much but this is all what girls want from a guy. If we keep counting then there are going to be thousands of things a girl want from a guy but I am just telling a few of them.

So here I am going to write about 10 things a Girl look for in a Guy

  1. The guy should be in love with girl head over heels.
  2. He should love him to the death and should always make her feel special by messaging her every single minute or by suddenly calling her up in the middle of night just to say that He loves you madly.
  3. He should a support and a shoulder to cry every time when she is upset or whenever she feels lonely. Giving her comfort and your little patience when she is in tears.
  4. Girls love surprise so sometimes just to make her happy plan little surprises for her because girls find happiness in the little things you do or in little efforts you make.
  5. Girls even loves to listen compliments so whenever you take you go shopping and she shows off you something then don’t forget to compliment her because that is what they love and they will never mention it but they will expect from you that you understand that.
  6. They love romance so sometimes taking a break from work just take them for a amazing dinner just you both together and a long walk maybe with deep and real conversations and romance to light up their evening.
  7. Whenever difficult things going on way they just need a little understanding and little care to just cope with her and make her feel good.
  8. Girls love comfort and so whenever she is with you just make her feel comfortable and safe enough that from deep inside she feels she is in safe hands.
  9. They sometimes needs a little more attention because girls love when they get more attention from their Mr Perfect. So don’t just ignore her but just give her more attention so that she feels someone is there for her all the time.
  10. Guys like showing off to their friends so they love when you show off to your friends that “Yes, she is my girlfriend and I love her to the core.” So they will never tell you this but they will expect you to understand.

So, there it goes 10 reasons which guys will understand that what girl looks in a guy and hope all girls agrees with it.

“Love hard when there is love to be had. Because perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you.” <3

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Kanisha Chhaya
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