5 Things Guy look for in a Girl

Let’s say I offer ten fruit softies to ten different people. Some would appreciate the softie, few would adore the fruits, while few more would love the toppings. The question is similar. It actually depends on a guy what kind of girl he desires. There are no standard ‘things’ that guys look for in a girl; every guy has his own taste. But for the girls who need to start somewhere, and for the guys who landed up here to know more about their ‘dream girl’ and scream with delight ‘aww, that’s my girl! ‘; below is a brief list.

1. At the top of the ladder are luscious looks.

You can’t deny that. That’s the first thing any guy would notice- from head to heels. I would rather call it a ‘charm’; as few guys aren’t only fond of physical looks and curves, but they also care about her allure, and the way she presents herself to the world. So yeah, charm is the word!

2. Her outlook and her nature.

Guys need someone who understands them well enough to help them in their dilemmas, and if not help, at least care for them while they find a way out to their problem. Guys desire a girl who picks her battles well, who doesn’t start an argument in petty issues, and who does not let her attitude come into way.

3. The way she talks.

Speech is a one of the key things that determines a person. In this case, apart from being sweet or cute in her speech, a girl needs to show that she’s smart, practical and thinks matured. Nobody wants a ‘beauty with no brains’, or a kind of girl who talks with little sense. Additionally, guys would love to have a girl who is fun to talk with.

4. Her smile.

Deepika Padukone Smiling

Yes, guys do notice her smile, and that’s the first thing that would probably make him happy about her. Girls should always keep an optimistic outlook, and never fake their smile!

5. The way she treats him.

Sometimes guys need to hang out with friends or like to get occupied with something else. If she’s flexible about this, and lets him ‘enjoy’ his time, she’s a wonder girl! Also, that way he will be keener on spending more time with her next time.

There’s no perfect girl; moreover guys can be flexible sometimes too, you know!

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Shyamal Anadkat
Shyamal Anadkat (a.k.a Zostale) is a student in Computer Engineering at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, USA. Innovation, creativity, and the art of critical thinking are few of the ingredients that craft his way of life. For the rest of his day, he enjoys gyming, playing lawn tennis, mixing music, and penning his thoughts even at 3 in the morning. His lifetime motto is 'to learn, progress, and serve’.

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5 Things Guy look for in a Girl

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