How to Be Happy After Breakup

How to be Happy After Break-up?

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“How to be Happy After Break-up?” I have been asked this question many times. And you’re reading this post because you’ve had same question in your mind sometimes in your life. Right? Baba is always right bete. Ok. Now I will tell you how can you be happy after break-up with your boy friend or girl friend. I’ve got this tips after lot of research and tapasya. So it will work for sure. First we will see what actually guys and girls do after break-ups. Then I’ll give you my secret Vidhi to be happy after break-up.

5 Things Guys Do after Break-up

Things that guys do after breakup

  1. Get Drunk
  2. Listen to one sad song over and over
  3. Grow a beard
  4. Avoid going to places they used to go to with ex
  5. Invite male friends over and talk about ex way too much

5 Things Girls Do after Break-up

Things that girls do after breakup

  1. Make a playlist of all Hindi sad songs and will play it in a loop
  2. Tell anyone who will listen how bad their ex was
  3. Stalks her ex on Facebook and profiles of all girls who’s posts are liked by him
  4. Write awful poems
  5. Will update status on ex which she can’t say him directly

So these are 5 common things that guys and girls do after break-ups. Now I will tell you what you can do to be happy after break-ups.

10 Things you should do after Break-up

1. Sad songs aren’t option.

Guys mostly listen one sad song over and over picturing her ex. And girls will make a playlist of all Hindi sad songs and will play on repeat mode. Don’t do that. You’ll only hurt yourself by doing that. In stead try listening to some rock songs. That will cheer you up and your mood.

2. Don’t update about your break-ups on Facebook

Guys and girls both do that. I know it’s so hard not to post every single update of your life on Facebook. But don’t update your ‘break-up’ on Facebook. Your friends and future boy friend or girl friend are watching it.

3. Don’t stalk your ex’s Facebook profile

Girls mostly stalk her exes on Facebook. She will also update status on her ex on Facebook expecting him to see it. Girls you’re not gonna get anything by stalking your ex on social media. That will only hurt you. You’ve just went through a break-up; so your mind will only read what it want to read. So even your ex hasn’t updated anything about you; you’ll think he’s talking about you or trying to make you uncomfortable.

4. Get shaved.

How to be Happy After Break-up

Guys generally start growing beard after break-ups. Breaking up doesn’t mean end of the world. Girls don’t like to date a gorilla; so get shaved and give other girls a reason to date you.

5. Don’t tell everyone how bad your ex was

Don’t tell anyone about your ex. Because in reality no one cares. Sometimes they share things with others; they spread the news about your break-up. And that’s obviously not a good thing.

You can talk about your break-ups to your best friends or close friends. Sharing will help you getting over your ex.

6. Don’t make your friends part of your misery

Guys invite their male friends over to be a part of silence after break-up. Your friends don’t deserve that. In stead of keeping calm or talking about your ex with your friends, have some beers and hammer up some dry walls (quote from Friends). That will help you getting over your ex.

7. Don’t write awful poems

Girls will generally write awful poems dedicated to her ex. Please don’t do that. It will not help you getting over your ex. In stead write poems on other things like beauty of life!

8. Don’t think too much

This is the worst thing girls and guys do in break-ups. They always think too much about their break-ups and ex. What did I do when I was in relationship, how happy I was with my ex, I shouldn’t have broken up and so on. Thinking about your ex and your relationship will make you sad. It won’t help at all. Stop thinking about your relationship. Think about anything but not about your ex. Don’t make yourself a loner. It will led you to deep thinking.

How to be Happy After Break-up9. Don’t be a loner.

Guys generally do that. They sit on one place pretending to be busy; but in fact they are thinking about their ex all the time. Give yourself a treat. Start hanging out with friends. Go out, watch movies, party hard and start visiting places you went out with your ex. It will help you getting over her.

10. Don’t say no

Generally everyone do that a lot after break-up. They will say no to everything offered by friends. For example, on asking to go for a movie by friends, they will deny it saying “Mood nahi hai!”. They will keep denying everything after break-ups. Don’t say no. Hang out with friends and start having fun. You’ll have to do it later or sooner. Why not doing it right after the break-up.

I’m sure these tips help you to be happy after break up. Next time I will come with solution of a different problem. You can follow me on Facebook to get awesome updates from me. Comment karna mat bhulna betes and betis. Dhanyavaad and Kripawati Bhava.

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