Lady in Black was spotted in a Haunted Apartment in Surat

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Surat: World is full of bizarre things. Lady in black was spotted in a haunted apartment situated in a Parle Point area of the city yesterday. The lady who was spotted on the fourth floor of “Kali Building” caught attention of Surtis yesterday night, which led to traffic jam in the area. The building- Pathik Apartment is believed to be haunted since long time.

Pathik Apartment situated in the posh locality of Parle Point area was branded as “Kali Building” and rejected by those who bought flats in the building. According to the sources, death of a security guard made residents suspicious and they refused to occupy their flats.

The building is locked and no one is allowed to enter the building since long time. Sight of the lady in black is really a mystery. How she got into the building? is a question that stuck to everyone who saw the scene yesterday.

Her slipper fall down from the fourth floor which caught people’s attention. She was seen roaming on the floor. Few localists entered in the building after sometime and found that lady unconscious. The lady was then admitted to Civil hospital. Her mental illness took her to the “Kali Building” according to the doctors.

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Nishit Jariwala
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