[Splendid Six] The Last Few Steps Together

Splendid Six is a weekly column on College Life of 6 Best Friends by our columnist Asha Kumar. The Last Few Steps Together is the last chapter in weekly column Splendid Six. Have you missed previous Chapters of the column? Click Here to read Previous Chapters.

The Last Few Steps Together

The days of examinations had approached. After all those hi-fi, funny and sunny days, it was the time to get back to work. Yes, though no one seemed to be serious about it. But exams were exams. One has to be cautious. I and Dia as usual were busy with our combined studies. More than studies we were busy thinking how badly we would miss our college days. We used to go through the photos almost every day. Those were not merely photos but memories for life time for both of us. Picnic photos, farewell photos, Navratri photos, Diwali photos, Christmas photos, photos that we got clicked on the terrace, photos that we clicked inside the ongoing class. Life couldn’t be better than these. These days were definitely the golden era of our life. It was our first exam. I was sitting near the lawn reading some chapter. Suddenly I saw Armaan carrying his ben10 bag, walking straight with a smile passing by. I tried hard but couldn’t take my eyes off him. I didn’t know what it was. But I could feel some connection between us. I didn’t ever know whether he felt the same or not. But i kept staring at him (he didn’t even notice). But my heart was deeply craving for his single look. Then suddenly Pari interrupted “where are you lost miss”? I smiled and said “no where”. We again got into the world of books. The exam bell rang and we went inside the examination hall, wrote the exams and went back to our cocoon.

I didn’t know how to overcome certain feeling. Whenever I saw Armaan in the college, I would get lost. Though I knew he had a chick and he was strongly moving ahead in his relationship but my heart never gave up. I knew that as the time would pass, I would move on. But at that very moment I couldn’t concentrate on my books. I felt like hitting my head on the walls. I and Khushi had become best buddies on WatsApp. We used to message each other till late night, keeping awake and gossiping about how Hemangi got rude with passage of time. We sent each other smileys, forward messages and happy messages. Finally I was relieved of the fact that at the end at least I got to know what was behind the mask of each other and I found a gem like Khushi. The final exam approached and we were more than happy to appear for it, because it was the last time we ever approached for the exam in our bachelor degree.

That was the last time I ever saw Armaan. He wore a yellow t-shirt with a red cap on his head and came on his bike with some friend. That was my last memory of him. I never ever saw him after that last exam. After the exams got over we had external vivas and submissions. We were running here and there to get our files checked and get the final project approved by the professors. One fine day when we were going to college, suddenly Hemangi asked me to stop near the auditorium and suddenly she got down the vehicle and said “hey please don’t get furious, I have a friend whose name is Pritish. He studies in Nirma University of engineering in Ahemdabad. I met on him internet. We started talking and became friends. We clicked at once. He came to meet me here. Sorry, I didn’t tell anyone. It is only you whom i am first informing. Please don’t say it to Khushi or anyone else. Get the project checked. I will meet you after 15 minutes”. I was completely in a state of shock. What happened to this girl? Is she out of her mind or still insane? Gosh! I regained my composure and went directly to sir. Suddenly when i was waiting for her near the auditorium, I noticed that Khushi and other girls were coming from the other side. I was startled. I called up Hemangi and asked her to come out as soon as possible. She rushed out of some corner along with Pritish. I sighed. Pritish seemed to be a Thurkey. He looked like a Casanova and poor Hemangi didn’t know where she got trapped. I looked at her with a sigh. He took his vehicle and went away. I kept scolding Hemangi the whole way saying that online stuffs are ridiculous. It never makes any sense. She hardly paid any attention to it. I still went on. Even when we reached home, she kept showing his photos of trips to Manalli and Pune. I was petrified but somehow managed to control my anger.

The external presentations began. Practical programs were taken along with the vivas. We were tensed but it was more difficult than the exams. But somehow we managed to pass by the hurdle. Now during one of the vivas, Dia told me to hold on her bag until she completes her viva. I kept it with me. Usually, I and Dia used to peep into each other’s mobile. We read each other’s messages and saw all the photos. There was no antivirus system for anyone of us to get into other’s system. Suddenly when I was humming a song, my hands went on her mobile. I opened the bag, took the mobile and was reading her messages. Suddenly I went into archive folder and found two messages. Those messages were from Arjun (Manav and Dia’s close friend). They appeared to be very private and senseless. I thought inside my head “oh god! What is happening to these girls now days. Why the hell are they behaving like a nerd? Have they really lost it?” Arjun was smart, intelligent but a thorough psycho. I was again disheartened. It seemed to be disgusting but it was at the end of the day their personal lives, I don’t have any access to it. But I genuinely felt that it was my prime duty to keep them away from any vulnerability. I talked to Dia on that very day. She told me everything. She told that she was in a relationship with him from the past 2 semesters. I could just be happy for them nothing more.

Those final days also passed by. Each small step resulted into that big memorable journey for me. One year has passed since I completed my engineering. Now I am pursuing my MBA in Ahemdabad. I went far off from Rajkot, a place that gave me a reason to live; my Gabru gang who gave me the reason to love and live. Right now, Khushi and Hemangi are working with I.T. firms. Dia and Pari have joined corporate worlds and Naina is pursuing her M.E. But the best part is that all the five of them are in Rajkot only. Dia has broken up with Arjun, Hemangi and Pritish’s relationship lasted for only few months and then they both moved on, later on I got to knew that Khushi had a crush on a guy ages back and she had relieved the secret to me only. I am still in very much contact with all of them. Whenever I go home during holidays or weekends, I make sure to meet them. If not all them, then at least one of them. We fix time in prior and then meet at their offices or restaurants or library or somewhere. Going to Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, spending 4 wonderful years there was a journey for me which would last with me till my death bed. Good and bad whatever little I have learned today in my life, the great amount of credit goes to those five splendid friends who knowingly or unknowingly made me a better person today. Where ever I go, where ever I am tomorrow, these days and those magnificent memories with those friends would always linger in my heart. I know there was no such splendid six girls group and it would never be there.

The End

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Splendid Six

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Asha Kumar

Asha has completed her Engineering in the field of I.T. and now pursuing M.B.A. from Somlalit Institute of Management (Ahmedabad). She is intense, introvert and extremely impatience. Writing is sheer love and passion for her. "I become the Alice from Alice in Wonderland when I start writing. It takes me to a different horizon. There are so many things that I discover when I start to pen down my thoughts. It gives me immense pleasure." says Asha.

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