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Are you a fashionholic? Do you love trying new clothing brands? Here comes STYKIN, a fashion brand from India. We talked to the team of STYKIN to know more about their brand and their story. Today in Startup Talk we are presenting story of Stykin. Have a look at our conversation with team Stykin.

What’s the idea and concept behind Stykin?

Stykin Concept behind Stykin is to give the new definition to Indian fashion by introducing trendy designs, hand embroided and beaded garments with the latest color and fabric range for the wardrobes. STYKIN believes in making fashion for every woman. Currently STYKIN offers its exclusive collection through an e-commerce portal www.stykin.com.

Who are faces behind Stykin?

Mr S.C Dass, Ashwani Dass, Mr. Atul Dass, Aditya Singh
Mr S.C Dass, Ashwani Dass, Mr. Atul Dass, Aditya Singh

Idea of creating a Brand came from Mr S.C Dass. Bringing the idea to reality was done by a small team lead by Aditya Singh under the guidance of Mr Ashwani Dass & Mr. Atul Dass.

How did you initiate this startup? What was the motive?

We started with a small team, with a vision to make STYKIN as a premium women brand in India. In the beginning we visualize the trends and start developing a small capsule collection. The capsule collection was very much appreciated by fashion fraternity. Initially we started slowly but now STYKIN is associated with India’s leading e-commerce portals and STYKIN product are in great demand.

Tell us about your competitors? 

Stykin has niche and exclusive product range which makes it different from the others so we are above from the competition.

How much time and money did you invest?

The concept of STYKIN came in early 2013. We started working actively in mid 2013. STYKIN portal was successfully launched on 1st Jan 2014. After the launch of STYKIN we have initiated national and international tie-ups.

We have started expanding our in house team to give better product experience and client services.

Why would people choose Stykin?

People prefer to buy garments from STYKIN because they get Designer Dresses, Tops, Trousers, Scarves and Ethnic Collection with the latest color and fabric range for their wardrobes at very economical prices.

What message would you like to give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

It’s not about thinking that you can do it; it’s about actually doing it. Life of an entrepreneur is all about trying again and again, once you have chosen the path of entrepreneurship whole heartedly, a lot of guidance comes your way from sources you never ever expected from.

How did you manage fund?

Initial funds were arranged by mother concern m/s Prêt collections. We got lot of guidance from Pret management.

What’s the current statistic of your startup?

Banner Stykin

Being a start up STYKIN is still getting overwhelming response from the visitors, users, buyers and other industry experts.

In a month stykin.com has achieved an Alexa rating of 15000 in India and a rating of 200000 worldwide.

STYKIN products has also started rolling out from India’s leading e-commerce portals which is all together a very positive sign.

What is the biggest challenge are you facing right now?

As we are new to e-commerce and don’t have prior experience in IT sector we are currently facing few hurdles from technical end.

We understand problems are always there when you start something new. Currently we are looking for some good associations to address these hurdles.

What’s failure according to you?

According to us, Failure comes when you stop trying. Yes we have faced circumstances where we find ourselves in a great dilemma, which lead us to rethink about our decisions.

What do you think about BuddyBits.com?

Buddybits.com is a good platform to share our brand theory. We believe subscribers of BuddyBits will definitely go through the STYKIN and appreciate it.

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