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When you decide to purchase a phone, there are tons of online and ofline shopping options available. Have you ever wondered about the price while purchasing the phone? How to know which shop offers best rates for mobile phones? If you had a same problem, say bye bye to your problem. Say hello to a Gujarat based startup PriceBhai.in, which compares rate of products on different online shops and ofline shops as well! Yes. To know more about this startup, we talked to Ronak Bhagdev, founder of PriceBhai. Today in startup talk we are featuring the same. Have a look at our conversation with Ronak.

Ronak Bhagdev, Founder, Price Bhai
Ronak Bhagdev
(Founder, Price Bhai)

Who is Ronak Bhagdev? Why are we interviewing you?

Ronak is a Chemistry graduate and who later chose programming as a career. I live in Morbi and run a Web Development Company since 2008. I, with my team, have worked on more than 300 web projects. Right now I am giving 40% of my time to make PriceBhai a better product.

What is PriceBhai?

PriceBhai is an online Price Comparison portal + offline price search engine.

We fetch price and other details from 13 online stores and give you lowest price for any mobile devices.

According to a survey around 90% of Indian people prefer to buy offline. So we provide best price and retail stores for visitor’s location. At present we are active in Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar and Morbi.

What is the story behind starting up this venture?

I am running a web development company. There are some days when we don’t have any projects to work on. So in our leisure time I ask developers to work on my personal projects. That way they keep learning new things and don’t get bored of job.

PriceBhai is one of these side projects. Actually in 2010, we tried to make a website on similar concept. But that time I didn’t have enough experience and didn’t get success.

Later in 2012 again I got some time. But this time we had more experience. Working on 4 large projects with international clients in 2011 had sharpened our skills. We were introduced to some new technologies. It took us 9 months to build PriceBhai. And on the auspicious day of Dhanteras we launched it!

Who are the faces behind this startup? How many people are working with you?

I am the only founder. I have 3 fulltime developers working at my place and a sales guy working part time.

Can you tell us about your competitors? Who are they and how are you different from them?

JustDial, MySmartPrice and PriceBaba are our main competitors. No need to say, they are leaders. But we serve our content in a user-friendly basket. Visitors have appreciated the way we have developed whole thing and they like to visit us more often.

Price Bhai

How much time and money did you invest in PriceBhai?

It took us about 9 months to build PriceBhai. I have invested about 4,50,000 INR till this date.

How did you manage fund? And in what time?

We are self-funded. But I am looking for other opportunities.

What is your revenue model?

As of now our source of income is Affiliate marketing. Online stores pay us some commission per sale they get through us.

Which is a major challenge you are facing right now?

However I am dedicating 40% of my time to PriceBhai, but it’s not enough. This thing is getting bigger every day. It needs 100% of my time. I am trying hard to manage my social life, work and health.

What is failure according to you? Have you tasted it? Share your story.

Failure is a step where you feel like losing everything. But this is the only step in your life cycle when you learn many things. Failure teaches us to not to repeat same mistakes again. A man without tasting a single failure in his lifetime is like an impotent!

Yes, I failed many times. But the biggest failure I had was hiring a person and due to whom I lost thousand dollars.

What’s your future plan?

To launch PriceBhai outside of Gujarat.

What else do you do except PriceBhai?

Developing top-notch products for clients.

What is entrepreneurship according to you?

Entrepreneurship is a fun. It is a hidden talent that lies in everybody.

Which message would you like to give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

Keep working hard in smarter way, success will follow your way and don’t afraid of being fail.

What do you think about BuddyBits.com?

I am following BuddyBits.com for long time and I appreciate the efforts BuddyBits team is taking to encourage entrepreneurs. All the best!

Thanks Ronak for your words. Team BuddyBits wishes you all the best for all your future endeavours.

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