Why choose a Gujju Guy? Hear from a Non-Gujju Girl!

Ever wondered how it would be like to fall in love with a guy of different culture altogether, of a different state? Well, watching “Two states” I just wondered, if given a choice, how it would feel like loving someone from a culture I have no idea about. I looked around, pondered a bit and I knew I wanted a Gujju Guy for the following genuine reasons. Have a look on the points; you might fall for one too.

10 reasons to choose a Gujarati life partner

1. Loyalty comes as a bonus!

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Yes, they are much loyal then the rest. They are actually people who don’t like going out of comfort-zones so they are happy with the one they have! Also, except you all other are their ‘Bens’ so enjoy.

2. He loves you as much as his food, girl!

Satish Shah in Sarabhai VS Sarabhai

So you can be with them without counting calories always. Ranging from local food to different cuisines, ask him and he will take you too happily. They love food and you won’t have to starve for getting a ‘zero-figure’!

3. Romantic of their own kinds!

Ranveer Singh in Ram Leela

They are romantic pathetically. Just kidding, they are actually those classy lovers, true gentlemen kind. If you have his heart, he will shower you with the best of things. So if you want such guy, try a Gujju one 😉

4. Won’t cheat, yes not so easily!

Satish Shah in Sarabhai VS Sarabhai
They are actually shy-off talking to girls so cheating on you with another girl is pointless! Well, no guarantee though, men will be men.

5. Teetotalers, ‘NO smoking NO drinking’ kinda guy!

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Want a guy who doesn’t drink? Land up to Gujarat and find one. Most of them don’t and even if they do its limited. So that way your dream guy is somewhere having a chai, or a aam ras or buttermilk.

6. Non-violent people, par Ego hurt nahi krne ka!

Ranveer Singh in Ram Leela

You won’t have to worry of him getting into fights, coming back home bruised. They are peace making people, choose to fight on social network rather in-person. But that doesn’t make him any less of a MAN. They possess men-ego like everyone else but rather not fight so often, physically.

7. Merry-making is a routine, O yes I am serious!

Satish Shah in Sarabhai VS Sarabhai

Beach on this weekend, Diu- Daman on the next, Out for Garba-nights and the list goes on. He won’t let you feel bore. Want a happy-go-lucky guy who keeps you busy? He is the one.

8. They talk! Yes girls guys talk too 😉

Sushant Singh Rajput in Kai Po Che

They actually talk unlike other guys of the nation doing ‘hmmm’ all the time. May not be sweet romantic talks, but yes ranging from politics to the temperature rise, everything! You won’t feel ignored at least, if not loved. And the icing on the cake is their sense of humor. Most of them are fun to be with they might not make you blush all the time but you will enjoy their company and their sweet jokes making you fall into the fits of laughter!

9. They won’t keep angry for long.

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Cook some Khaman for him; even if it’s not spongy, he will smile for the effort you made. Yes they are like that, and of course, being a foodie helps! So, when you make a mistake you know what to do to allure him back.

10. They are actually sweet lovers, out of the movie type!

Saif Ali Khan in Kal Ho Na Ho

They might not be the show-off types or too macho, but they know how to love and protect their girls. Yes sometimes you might feel he loves his work more than you, but the truth is along with a business mind he is gifted with a loving heart.

So, dear girls out there, take a chance and fall in love with a Gujju guy, You won’t regret, I hope!

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Neha Gupta
Finished her engineering in computer science in 2013, presently she is aspiring as a writer. She is an avid blogger, reader and writer. She loves writing short stories and writes on different niche. Dan Brown, Preeti Shenoy, Rhonda Byrne are few of her favorite authors. She has been a contributor author in four anthologies in the past year and co-editor for one of them. Although an engineer but a writer at heart, she wishes to get recognized in the writing field.

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Why choose a Gujju Guy? Hear from a Non-Gujju Girl!

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