Inspiring story of a foodie who loses 30 KG weight in 5 months!

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Are you a foodie like me? Do you think you are the laziest among your friends? Have you been trying to loose weight since long? Well many people like us are trying to get some inspiration to go fab from fat. Today in, we are sharing a real inspiring story of a guy like us. Kushal Sharma (Delhi), a foodie and lazy like us managed to loose 30 KG of his weight in just 5 months!! Yes. We’re bringing his exclusive interview. He is going to share secrets of his weight loss in this interview only for readers of Get ready to be fab. Read on.

Who is Kushal Sharma?

Kushal is an ordinary guy from Delhi. A foodie to the core and (was) lazy even more. Like any person from Delhi, I am a die-hard fan of Chhole Bhathure, Parathe, Butter chicken, Dal Makhani, Shahi Paneer, Naan, Pizzas, Burger, anything and everything closely related to ‘food’. From the time I remember, I have always been chubby, during my school, under graduation and post graduation. Sports have never been my cup of tea, at least till I was 25. Professionally, I am into startups. For last 1 year, living in the beautiful city of Bangalore.

Why are we interviewing you?

Because I manage to lose 30 kgs of weight in last 5 months without crash dieting. I thought of sharing a few tips on especially if you are a foodie. Yup, this is a few glimpse of my story of how I went

  • From 105 KG to 75 KG (weight)
  • From XXL to M (t-shirt size)
  • From 40’’ waist size to 32’’ all in 5 months.

If you are addicted to food and can’t go on the adverse diets that most gym dieticians recommend, you may find it handy on how I managed to do it.

What motivated you to lose weight?

Losing weight was never the primary objective. Yup, you read correctly. It triggered off with cycling when I came across the cycling culture of Bangalore. Influenced by my friends, I got a basic decathlon mybike on Sep 25.

I set clear short term and long term goals in mind. I started off with cycling for 3 Km (baby steps are good, always!) and started setting higher goals with every day. I think the thing that motivated me to go on was that I used to set my favourite food (mostly north Indian heavy food) as reward for me in breakfast/ lunch when I achieved my daily target. Moreso, I went for a weekly cheat day provided I crossed my daily targets on all days of the week. [Cheat day was my indulgence into a meal of all fattening things: Cafe Caramel Sundae/ Butter Chicken/ Bhujia/ Chole Bhathure/ Gol Gappe (diff from paani puri) and so on!] Another main motivation came from the results I could see in my body. Trust me, if you persist with right exercise and right food, you would feel your fat being torn and muscles coming up (esp when you are sleeping). Boi! that is an awesome motivation.

Caution: Whatever you do, don’t be obsessed with weight. I didn’t check the weighing machine for 1st 2 months!

Kushal Sharma in September 2013 and February 2014
Kushal Sharma in September 2013 and February 2014

How did you lose 30 KGs in 5 months?

A few tips that worked for me:

  • Cycling is awesome!: If you can travel to office/ restaurant/ anywhere, try cycling instead of your bike/ car. It burns calories, has zero cost (no petrol) and is environment friendly.
  • Set a reward for yourself: For me food was a big motivator. I used it to my advantage while working out.
  • Track calorie intake and calorie burnt: For calorie intake, I used myfitnesspal app. For calorie burnt during cycling/ walking, I used endomondo app. Make sure that on a daily basis your net intake of calorie is never more than 1000 calorie (Okay, this is net intake, meaning, if you binge 1 day 2500 calories food, you know you gotta burn 1500 calories 1 way or the other) Ideally calorie burnt should be more than calorie intake.
  • Have water! Loads!: I increased my water intake. Especially with cycling (or any other exercise), you may get dehydrated, But make sure you are having enough water (3-4L of water)
  • Sleep on time: I used to have this real crazy habit of sleeping late. Result? Whatever I used to have as dinner and at whatever time, I will get a craving for munching/ junk food at around 1. Trust me, this was the hardest part of my diet. So, I made sure I was sleeping by 11. Occasionally, if I was up late, I made sure I had enough fruits in stock with me!
  • Eat dinner early: Have dinner as early as possible. Before 9pm good, before 8pm better.
  • Fruits are good: When I was aiming to build up my stamina and metabolism, fruits did wonders for me. Avoid fruit juices also, no fibre there! Before my half marathon, I was making sure my 11am and 5pm snacks included fruits for sure. It helped immensely.

What should not be done while weight loss process?

  • Don’t give up while exercising (or cycling): There will be tough days especially when the fat is being torn due to workout. Don’t give up the next morning.
  • Listen to your body: You will get hints from your body when to stop and when it can take exertion while you are working out. Listen to it. Many people quit because they over exert themselves early on. Not a sustainable way.
  • Never do crash diet: It’s simple. If you deprive yourself of something (food), you consider it as ‘punishing’ yourself and expect to be ‘rewarded’ (by weight loss). This sets up the expectation. Don’t. Just persist.
  • Proper diet: Here diet mean, eating in proportion. If you can switch from your normal diet to that extreme healthy diet, great, nothing like it. But, If it’s difficult for you to make this shift (like me), use ‘rewards’ and ‘cheat days’ effectively.

What did you sacrifice to lose 30KGs?

Mainly staying awake late nights – I was sleeping at 11 and getting up in the morning at 7. My ride time was morning only: 7 to 8:30. Nothing else really!

What kept you motivated for 5 months?

  • Kushal Sharma
    Kushal Sharma

    The palpable results (not weight!): People around you start appreciating and noticing the change. You yourself start feeling good.

  • Cycling was eye grabber, always: I loved being associated with the cyclist group of the city. Imagine, you are standing on a traffic light along with all the bikes and cars, and the attention is the cyclist: Love the support people in Bangalore give to the cyclists!
  • I used to bring really cool shorts and tees for 1 size smaller and use them as a reward!: Trust me, when you fit in those, it’s an awesome feeling in itself, especially because you see them everyday, thinking that 1 day you will wear it!
  • How I was surprising myself by overachieving my own goals: I never thought I could cycle for 250Km in a day (yup! Did a cycling brevet), I never thought I could run 21.1Km in 2.5 hours (I used to cramp in walking 0.5Km!), Climbing a mountain (Nandi) on bike was unthinkable for me and many other smaller goals along the way.

What differences can you see between before and after losing weight?

More than the external changes, the approach is really different. Now, I am much more confident of pulling off the unthinkable (even by me). Just need to be disciplined.

On a fitness level, I am much more flexible and lean. Thanks to the 30Kg loss, Now my legs can carry me faster and on longer distance on cycle! This is just the beginning, will try to be more fit.

People generally complain; one regains weight after sometime of losing weight. What do you think? And what should we do to maintain weight?

I think the moot cause here is how you lost weight. Weight loss has happened because of fat reduction and muscle formation, it is healthy weight loss. Why? Because more muscles means better metabolism, which implies you will burn more calories even when you are not exercising. If the diet is proper and exercise is a part of the regular routine, I don’t think regaining of weight should happen.

Which food should we strictly avoid while the weight loss process?

Again, as I suggested, try not to deprive yourself of food, but control the quantity. Keep it reward based. Do the math correctly, so that you have it when you have burnt enough calories. Following are a few things that you might need to keep an eye on!

  • Food with artificial sugars (esp cold drinks and sweets). If you love sweets, try fruits.
  • Fried food (esp chips)
  • Junk food (all maida stuff. Try if you could live with some replaceable option, eg. tandoori roti with naan)
  • Moderation is the key.

Whats your future plan? Planning to open some fitness venture?

Yup, in fact I am planning to open a venture in healthy food segment, to make sure that every person who is worried about their diet can be rest assured that their diet is in sync with their fitness objective. Will keep you posted on the updates.

Last message for our readers who are willing to lose some weight.

21 days is all it takes to build a habit. Losing weight is also a mind game. Just decide, take tiny steps towards your fitness goals and watch what you eat.


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