Startup Talk with Rashida Poonawala

“Everyone can make a difference in the world. If we work at it, there is nothing we cannot achieve.” these are words of a woman entrepreneur, a mother and a social worker based in Ahmedabad. Today we’re bringing story of Rashida Poonawala (Co-founder, Rashida Intellectual Branding) who introduced concept of  intellectual branding in Ahmedabad. Have a look at our conversation with Rashida Poonawala.

Who is Rashida Poonawala? Why are we interviewing you?

Rashida Poonawala is a mother primarily, an entrepreneur and a social worker. I believe that everyone can make a difference in the world. If we work at it, there is nothing we cannot achieve.

Tell us about your firm.

Rashida Intelactual Branding“Rashida Intellectual Branding is a firm focusing on giving an organization a soul, an intellectual identity, a character and a culture.”

ra-shee-dah : noun ; meaning “rightly guided” or “one who can give best guidance”.

Through the media of content, voice and training, we give the organisation a sustainability in the dynamic market scenarios to come.

How we brand: Rashida Intellectual Branding sits with the entrepreneurs and develops a culture for the organization. From design, to pattern of working, we work on it all. At RIB, we believe that intellectual branding is the true sense of branding that can strengthen the brand and give it the internal branding that can help them sustain through the ups and downs of the market.

What’s the story behind starting up this firm?

My husband and I have a lot of experience in content, voice, training and branding on the whole. I have, through the years, worked in practically every industry. So I have a working understanding of most. Knowing the branding gaps, with an innovative thought process, RIB was born.

What you used to do before starting up this firm?

I have been a freelance content writer, voice over artist and corporate trainer for about 10 years, cumulatively.

Tell us about services you provide. And how do you differ from competitors?

First off, we have no competitors. Intellectual branding is a concept created and molded by us. As such, we are premier in the industry. We offer branding from inside out through the modules of content, voice and training.

How big is your team? Tell us about your team.

Our team is our family. Besides Raj and I, we have about 15 writers, 5 voice over artists and a training team of 3.

How much time and money did you invest while starting up this firm?

Our major investment in starting up the firm is our time. Because we didn’t have much funds to invest, honestly, we have invested about 25k in the starting up of this firm.

Which was the major challenge you faced while turning your idea into reality?

We still face it. It is explaining to people that branding is not the same as marketing.

You recently launched Ammee. What is it?

AmmeeAmmee is a social initiative of mine. The first time I presented it, was in the eChai Design your Ahmedabad meet.

Project Ammee is a project that revolves around a simple funda “Empower the mothers and society will be empowered”.

This project will aim at bringing awareness, self love, confidence and personal security to the mothers living in the Muslim Ghetto areas in the city of Ahmedabad.

What are the pros and cons of being a woman entrepreneur?

The cons are that there are many domestic responsibilities that need to be balanced as well. The pros are that being a woman, I have the innate ability to do so!

What’s failure according to you? Share your failure story. 

I believe failures are the learning opportunities life gives us. Raj and I attempted at starting an online local news portal about 2 years back. Ran a loss and shut it down. But yes, we gathered a lot of information, got in touch with talented individuals and have a failure to compare even our small successes to!

What is entrepreneurship according to you?

Entrepreneurship is all about leadership and responsibility. At RIB, we ensure that unlike others, our writers are paid well. Infact, after working with us, our writers find it tough to work with others! That’s entrepreneurship. Giving the talent their honest due!

Give a special message to upcoming entrepreneurs especially those who want to start a service firm.

Stand your ground, do business your way and if you are not getting the due you deserve, reject clients. Self security is essential for running a good enterprise!

What do you think about

It rocks! After all it is featuring me! Hehe! No no, it is an interesting initiative. And hats off to Nishit for managing it!

Thanks a lot for your words. You’re doing awesome work. We team BuddyBits wish you all the best for all your future endeavors.

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Startup Talk with Rashida Poonawala

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