10 Things I miss the most about my Father

“The only Superman I know, is My Dad”

It’s just a one line quote but means a lot. I never understood the real meaning behind the above quote but it’s often said that people don’t value or respect something’s till the presence of that things but when it’s gone we understand the real value of it. Just a normal Friday afternoon when I was so bored and jobless that I started going through the lane of memories deep down inside me. Things had changed and what I missed the most in my life was my paa, my dad, my father. I have still not accepted the fact that he is gone somewhere and he is never going to come back. That truth hurts the most. I have my mom, my brother, my family, my friends and many more people I get introduced to in daily life but that one place can never be filled up by anyone. Someone’s absence teaches lots of things in life and after my paa I learned so many things which he wanted me to understand. Life came clashing up on me when I heard the news of my paa but then he wanted me to take a stand for my mom and for my brother so I dint cry and took a stand. There are days when I feel like I am breaking apart from inside and I just go for a walk alone maybe that can relieve me and give me some time with myself. I know he is watching me from there being strong and being my guiding star.

I know people would think silly of me but then this is true it has happened with me that whenever I face some or the other problem I just pray that Dad please help me out in this and I get a solution. These times makes me believe that he is there watching over me and helping me out in every problems I face. There are sleepless nights when I cry silently under my quilt hiding my face in pillow and during that time I feel presence of him around my quilt consoling me with his hug. Yeah he is there with me but then physical presence is always been missed because I want him to stand here with me. So there are like thousand things that I miss the most about him. But I will just mention 10 things that I miss the most about him because I want everyone to respect, love and value their fathers because he is a real superman. So here are the 10 things:

  1. I miss his hugs because in his arms there is some kind of peace. Hands that protected me from all the miserable problems out in the world. It gives a real eternal happiness being in his arms all wrapped up whenever I was scared, I was weak, I was sick and when I needed him the most.
  2. His kisses which made my day and I felt lucky to have him as my father in my life.
  3. I miss the way he use to make me laugh on small things. He always taught me to keep laughing in worse to worse problems and that is what I miss. I miss his laughter which made me realize that I am so special in his life and I am the reason behind his laughter.
  4. His guidance, advices and all the instructions he use to give me when I was taking big decisions in my life. He always use to guide me through all the problems and always corrected me.
  5. I miss the surprises given by him. All holiday trips, beautiful birthday presents, parties and memorable dinner functions and many more things which he use to do just to make me happy and make me feel precious.
  6. Everyday morning his voice waking me up “Babu/ Shona” wake up. It use to give a wonderful start to the day.
  7. The way he used to call me up every time when he use to go on a business tour for so many days and use to tell me that I miss you Shona or asking me what should he bring up for me.
  8. The way he use to tell me that what he is going to do once I go leaving him, getting married to someone. His eyes use to fill up with tears. Because I am precious for him.
  9. The sparkling in his eyes or the shine in his eyes when someone use to compliment his daughter and how he use to feel proud on that.
  10. When I just entered the teenage life he always use to tell me and take me on walk asking me if I face any problem in my life and told me to share with him. He took a promise from me that I will always be his strong princess taking care of mom and younger brother.

10 things which I miss the most about my paa. It was like 18 years book of memories with Dad. I want to tell everyone that whatever I have written is my feelings which I tried to put up in words and I would want everyone to respect their fathers because they will never cry or may never be able to express like mothers but inside they are very sensitive and love us the most. I hope wherever my dad is today, he is proud of me with whatever I am doing. Though my mom everyday works hard for me and helps me out in everything but still I miss Dad because it’s my love for him which will forever be the same.

Last but not the least, start respecting your fathers because they are amazing and real Supermen!

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