Amdavadis campaign for blood donation through a web application and a short film

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Ahmedabad: To spread awareness about blood donation on this World Blood Donor Day, the city boy makes a documentary on a social initiative named Blood Monk.

A popular campaign asserts – “Raktdaan, Mahadaan”. Most of us understand the crucial role a bottle of blood can play in saving a life. Yet, many of us have never donated blood in our life time. Ignorance or for any other reason, voluntary blood donors are still less in numbers. And, it’s not just about our city or our nation; the problem is omnipresent.

While blood banks, medical fraternity and social organizations do their best to spread awareness and encourage more people to come forward and donate blood; there are some aware youth in the city who are independently doing their bit for the cause. The young and award-winning short film maker Rihaan Patel tries to put forth such noble initiative through his documentary titled Blood Monk.

“When I got to know 14 June is marked as World Blood Donor Day, I felt I should contribute towards this cause by making an awareness film. I and my team were working on the story when we got to know about Amit Panchal and Ketan Raval who are running an initiative Blood Monk since last year.” Says Rihaan. Adding further, he says “through their initiative, they help blood seekers by connecting them with the voluntary donors registered with them. They use social media, mobile app and website for the purpose”.

“Inspired by the kind of notable work Blood Monk does, we thought of filming their real story rather than making a fiction film. We thought the world around us should know about youth like Amit and Ketan who are independently doing such great work.If their story can inspire people to donate blood, our purpose behind making this documentary would be served. That’s why we chose to keep the name of our documentary as Blood Monk” says Rihaan.

The film, which was released on social media today, is supported by Indian Red Cross Society. It is directed by Rihaan Patel, written by Siddhi Shah and is produced by Raysa Kamdar.

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