[Experiment] Look how Indians reacted to Nirbhaya Post-Rape Scenes

Actor Varun and his team created the infamous Nirbhaya Post-rape scene as a social experiment somewhere in India. Reaction they got from people of India are shocking. Dozens of people gathered to see what has happened. But no one helped the victim. No one took initiative to take injured to the hospital or no one called ambulance or police. According to the video, Indian public has the lowest humanity rate in the world to help their Victims. Less than 1% and that is 1 out of 100 people passing by May stop to Help the Dying Victim. And the video tells the same. This is really eye opening. Have a look at the video.

Watch how Indian reacted to Nirbhaya Post-rape scenes

We need to be ashamed. We are one of them. If you’re reading this, make sure to help someone in need. If you can’t take victims to the hospital by yourself, at least call the ambulance. For the sake of humanity.

[Video Courtesy: Actor Varun]