Hello people, we turned 3 today! Here’s our story!

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Hello people, BuddyBits.com turned 3 today! Exactly before three years, BuddyBits.com was launched as a social networking site. Today on 3rd anniversary of BuddyBits.com, let me tell you the BuddyBits.com story, which I am posting publicly for the first time.

Many of our readers wonder what is the connection between concept and name of our website. So here goes the story. It was 5th June, 2011. BuddyBits.com was launched exactly three years back on World Environment Day as an eco friendly social networking website. I didn’t know the word entrepreneurship or startup at that time. To be frank, I was a kid who wanted to do something while studying in college. So I launched BuddyBits.com. And you’ll be amazed to know that BuddyBits.com was named as BuddyBurst.com before the launch. BuddyBits got pretty good media appreciation. Leading Gujarati media published story on BuddyBits.com in initial days. Divya Bhaskar, Sandesh and DNA were among them. I ran BuddyBits.com for two more months. So I guess BuddyBits.com was into existence after its launch till August 2011.

BuddyBits.com on 5th June 2011
BuddyBits.com on 5th June 2011

Then I wasn’t seeing any future in BuddyBits.com, so I just stopped running the site. And around October 2011 I decided to re-launch the website with new concept. Again I wasn’t serious. I just wanted to do something. So I again launched BuddyBits.com as a news website. My cousin, Amita Jariwala, who is interested in Art and Literature joined me. We used to write stories, poems on BuddyBits.com in initial days. And at that time, number of BuddyBits followers were hardly touching number 10. Only few of my friends were checking content of BuddyBits.com. Time passed and we collaborated with iWillStudy.com in November, 2011. Ritesh Ambastha (Founder, iWillStudy.com) used to mentor me and used to write articles on Technology and Education on BuddyBits.com. Again I wasn’t serious that much.

Nishit Jariwala
Nishit Jariwala

Time passed, we didn’t do much in 2012. BuddyBits was reached to 500 followers from 10 at the end of 2012. In 2012, I started building team. Anita Rathod, Akbari Hardi, Bhavik Lathigara, Nisarg Joshi, Mohsin Surani, Aditya Chowdhary and Palash Bhatt joined BuddyBits.com in 2012. By the end of 2012, I was having a team of around 10 people. We decided to launch an e-magazine in December 2012 and launched first issue of our e-magazine in January, 2013. With the e-magazine my team started growing. Asha Kumar, Ankur Mehta, Vivek Patel, Abhishek Pathak and Siddharth Zala joined us. We were now team of more than 15 people. And launch of our e-magazine changed everything. We noticed drastic increase in the number of our followers. We started doing contests, we started arranging online events after January 2013. We partnered with Money Workshop, Possitive Life and eChai in initial months of 2013. After March 2013, we started partnering with events. We published four issues of e-magazine and had to stop publishing them as I wasn’t able to concentrate on BuddyBits.com- the portal. We took an indefinite break from publishing our e-magazines. We launched weekly columns in September, 2013. Splendid Six, The Mars Voyage, A lot like love, Startup Talk, Cook It Up, Frightening Fridays were some of them. Two new members, Neha Gupta and Hemal Mehta joined team BuddyBits in those days.

We did our very first social awareness campaign “Save Birds” in January, 2014. Which again got a good media appreciation. We spread our message to more than three lakh people through the campaign. In February, 2014 we launched BuddyBits Stars, a brand new website for uncommon stories of common people. BuddyBits Stars was a column in our e-magazine. We have re branded BuddyBits Stars into Daily Heroes few days back. And we will be launching Daily Heroes very soon in association with Zero Gravity Communications. This was our story.

To be honest, I was just experimenting with ideas and was checking out what my readers want to read on BuddyBits.com. I just finished my graduation, so you’ll now see the real the BuddyBits.com. Things we did in last three years were just experiments. It was just a trailer, Picture to abhi baaki hai mere dost! So the real journey of BuddyBits.com starts from today according to me.

What can you expect in upcoming time from BuddyBits.com?

  • New cool and unique contests
  • New interesting columns
  • New Expert Columns
  • Social awareness campaigns and initiatives
  • Brand new BuddyBits E-magazine! (Yes, we’re relaunching it!)
  • A website for our new initiative Daily Heroes
  • And a big surprise! Yep we love surprises as much as you do.

So get ready to experience real BuddyBits from today. I’m thankful to everyone who supported us in our journey so far. We’ll need more support from all our mentors, partners, readers and team to serve YOU better. Looking forward to hear from you. We want to give you what you want. You can give us your valuable suggestions through Feedback page above. We read all suggestions very carefully and apply good things on BuddyBits. If you have complaint about anything, you can contact me through contact page. For partnership, sponsorship and advertising opportunities, feel free to contact us through contact page.

With this I’m putting end to my message on our third anniversary. Happy Birthday BuddyBits.com. Stay tuned to BuddyBits.com. Awesome stuff is coming up. And scroll down to read what my team and buddies have to say about BuddyBits.

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What our buddies think about BuddyBits.com?

[box type=”shadow” ]BuddyBits.com is fun, engaging and informative! When dealing with diverse concepts such as E-Magazine, it becomes difficult to do justice to any particular vertical – be it Technology, Entertainment or Arts. But BuddyBits has done a bang up job in designing their User Interface, journalistic coverage and design elements, to ensure no user gets “lost” in the plethora of content on the site.

Kudos to BuddyBits. Keep charging ahead!

Vishal Chopra
Co-founder – CourseKart[/box]

[box type=”shadow” ]It rocks! It is an interesting initiative. And hats off to Nishit for managing it!

Rashida Poonawala
CEO & Founder – Rashida Intellectual Branding[/box]

[box type=”shadow” ]I think BuddyBits is a great platform in bringing out the shareable stories across domains: be it youth centric/ technology/ health/ lifestyle/ entertainment/ education/ sports. The beauty of such a platform is to connect likeminded people from across the world on topics that resonates with them. I wish you all the best.

Ronak Bhagdev
CEO & Founder – Pricebhai[/box]

[box type=”shadow” ]I am following BuddyBits.com for long time and I appreciate the efforts BuddyBits team is taking to encourage entrepreneurs. All the best!

Kushal Sharma[/box]

[box type=”shadow” ]BuddyBits.com is really a best platform for rising Entrepreneurs to share their views, beliefs and startups. In this indirect way Buddy Bits contributes it’s best to the society!

Rutvij Vora
CEO & Founder – Career Khojj[/box]

[box type=”shadow” ]It’s a great upcoming platform sharing some really good insights. All the Best for you to make it to the next big league.

Rohith Subramaniam
CEO & Founder – FundMyDream[/box]

[box type=”shadow” ]A very much needed medium for bringing more openness to stories. I am sure the huge popularity of BuddyBits.com speaks for it.

Ritam Bhatnagar
CEO & Founder – Freeway Entertainment Company, India Film Project[/box]

[box type=”shadow” ]BuddyBits.com is quite a systematic and informative platform for varied interests of people. It is soon becoming the sought after place for first- hand information, be it Startup Talk, movie reviews etc. We wish BuddyBits.com all the luck for all your future endeavors.

Ritika Sharma
Co-founder – SharingDard[/box]

[box type=”shadow” ]BuddyBits.com is quite a systematic and informative platform for varied interests of people. It is soon becoming the sought after place for first- hand information, be it Startup Talk, movie reviews etc. We wish BuddyBits.com all the luck for all your future endeavors.

Ritika Sharma
Co-founder – SharingDard[/box]

[box type=”shadow” ]BuddyBits.com has come across as a very subtle platform in terms of content, design and approach. I personally find a genuine effort by BuddyBits.com to bring information, people and stories on the surface just like OoWomaniya is trying for women. We wish BuddyBits.com continues bringing interesting stories for people. Wish you all the best.

Sneh Bhavsar
Co-founder – OoWomaniya[/box]

[box type=”shadow” ]BuddyBits.com has something for everyone. News, inspiration, entertainment, tips, advice and more. It has the potential of becoming really big and popular.

Pooja Mehta
Co-founder – Footsy[/box]

[box type=”shadow” ]While going through BuddyBits.com, I sense the liveliness in first sight. It has all current and interesting topics highlighted on home page which is again a good thing. It can create attraction for youngsters and other segments too.

Pratik Babaria
Founder – RefillWala[/box]

[box type=”shadow” ]BuddyBits.com is doing phenomenal job by bringing out the unique things happening around us. We appreciate the efforts and love to log on to the site every now and again.

Vivek Vyas
Co-founder – Shradhanjali.com[/box]

What our team has to say?

[box type=”shadow” ]I still remember it was one of those regular days when I was surfing and going through my Facebook news feed I saw a website named BuddyBits.com and I opened it and found it real interesting. I just saw that it gives chance to new youth writers who are interested in writing so I thought that it’s my thing and without even thinking for a second I just filled up the form and that’s how my journey started with BuddyBits.com. I am glad to work with BuddyBits.com. It was like I was finding for something like this and it came up. I got introduced to the owner of the website Nishit K Jariwala. On the first day when I started a conversation with him, the very first idea or let’s say impression I had about him was “I hope he is not a guy full of attitude and hope he doesn’t act with me like I am your boss.” the very first typical impression but then I felt he is the person who just talks point to point no more than that. But then slowly slowly things changed and my opinions about him changed. So this is for you Nishit. P.S. I know you going to kill me after this and would not allow me to write for your website. I am sorry. 😛

So yeah talking about Nishit, he is a guy who is so good and I must say very much focused in whatever he does. I never thought that he is an engineering student because he has such amazing fluency in English and whatever he writes is just amazing, speechless. I always had this misconception that he is English Literature student. He is very friendly with all the group members or team mates and I am sure every group member is glad to have him as his Sir or let’s say Boss! But yeah its actually fun to work with you and I am glad that I work under you. He helped through all the topics on which he gave me articles to write and was very co-operative with me. Any problem in writing article if I buzz him in between the afternoons or midnights he was always there helping me and clearing my doubts. So yeah here I conclude that Nishit you are an amazing person and its my pleasure to work under you. The credits goes to you on all the achievements of Buddybits.com. Cheers to more fun coming up ahead.

Last but not the least Happy Birthday To BuddyBits.com and hearty congratulations to Nishit K Jariwala because You deserve it!

Kanisha Chhaya[/box]

Nishit Jariwala
From being a wannapreneur to being a nobody, life now makes sense | Living the dream