Movie Review: Holiday

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Sumeet Raghavan,Govinda

Director: A R Murugadoss

Written by: A R Murugadoss

Holiday is directed by A R Murugadoss who previously directed the blockbuster Ghajini. This time brings a thriller which really has a lot of thrills and this time Akshay does a meaning full part after a long long time. The movie works because of the writing and the screenplay. Akshay is in full form; the role suits him perfectly. And no doubt Sonakshi is wasted. The film is a well made product, it consist of lots of unwanted dance numbers and most fun is catered by Govinda who does a cameo. Holiday is a well made film and it belongs to Askhay Kumar and the writers.

What’s Good?

Screenplay, direction, story, acting.

What’s Bad?

Sonakshi Sinha is completely wasted. And negative characters lack shades.


Watch Holiday as it’s a very good film from Akshay Kumar after a very long time. Writing of the film is so good; it really has all the thrills which make it a perfect thriller movie. I am going with 3.5 bits out of 5 for Holiday.

Hitarth Solanki
Hitarth is a movie buff by passion, creative by head and guitarist with funk and engineer by force. Deeply rooted in movies and in love with the 70 mm screen, can watch any thing and every thing. All in all movies complete me!