[Photos] This is how Hollywood Hits would look like if made in Bhojpuri

Ever thought what if all the Hollywood Hits made in Bhojpuri looked like? Well, have a look at the following interpretations by New Delhi graphic designer Akshar Pathak and hold your breath, because it is going to be hilarious.

Hollywood Posters redesigned with Bhojpuri Tadka

Bhojpuri Godzilla
Godzilla made in Bhojpuri
Bhojpuri Inception
Inception made in Bhojpuri
Bhojpuri Kill Bill
Kill Bill made in Bhojpuri
Bhojpuri Scream
Screams made in Bhojpuri
Bhojpuri Silence of Lambs
Silence of Lambs made in Bhojpuri
Bhojpuri Superman
Superman- Man of Steel made in Bhojpuri
Bhojpuri When Harry Met Sally
When Harry Met Sally made in Bhojpuri

[Posters Courtesy: Akshar PathakMinimal Bollywood Posters]

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Binit Thacker
Binit Thacker is pursuing engineering from Charotar University of Science & Technology, Vallabh Vidya Nagar. Binit is from Bhuj city of Gujarat. He loves singing and designing. Photography is his passion. Sometimes, he writes. Other times, he plays guitar.

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[Photos] This is how Hollywood Hits would look like if made in Bhojpuri

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