10 things I miss the most about School

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School time is the one of the best phases of everyone’s life. It’s the period when we enjoy the most; though college time is also one of the bests but its considered a phase when we are mature enough to take our decisions on our own but during the school days we are very small to take any decision or think wisely. Our parents and teachers are there to guide us in all difficult phases. School days are the tension free days and we don’t have to worry about any damn thing happening around us. From getting up early in the morning and being lazy and doing things, half sleeping in the morning school prayers, sitting on last benches with friends just to talk and gossip and eagerly waiting for the recess or let’s say long breaks just to see what all your friends have brought in their lunch boxes and then again waiting for the leaving bell. We don’t understand the value of school during that time but when we go to college we literally want the school days back because we miss the care by our teachers and attending all those lectures with your friends. In school days what we only had to worry about was to complete homework or to get stars in your books or to just cry over scolding of teacher or punishment by teachers. Everyone would agree with me that school days are the best days. I would state 10 such things which we all miss the most about school.

10 Things We Miss about School

1. Morning Prayers

Indian School Prayer

Attending the early morning prayers was one of the most memorable thing about school. Greeting all the teachers and meeting all the friends and getting excited to tell stories about the previous days but it’s all interrupted by the morning prayers. Half of the time we are sleepy and trying just nod or keep eyes open so that teachers or principle don’t observe it.

2. Strict and Loud Teachers

We all had those few teachers in our school who used to be very strict and we literally used to get scared of them. We literally ran seeing those teachers coming in the corridors or tried to hide from them. We even used to butter them sometimes just to save ourselves from them.

3. School functions or Cultural functions

The other thing was the school functions or let’s says cultural functions. We had whole 2 weeks for practices and during that time no classes even if teachers are interested to take classes after the practices we made stories and told them how tired we were to study anything. The other part and the fun of the functions were in pairing up in dances and who are your partners and your costumes and all the fun and bunking lectures in the name of practices.

4. Bunking Classes

Play Time in School

Second most favorite and memorable thing about school was bunking classes with friends. Just because your friend is feeling lazy and not attending the lecture it means you are meant to accompany him/her because that gives you an eternal happiness. Then giving silly reasons to teachers for bunking or hiding in the washrooms or school playgrounds so that no one sees you bunking classes. One of the best memorable things about school days.

5. Friends

Making new friends and getting so easily attached with them that we never think our life without them and our life revolves around them and even fighting with that friend made us cry so much and again on the next day console him/her and again start talking. In every new standard we use to make such friends because we did not have much complication during that time and life was pretty much simple because we were very young.

6. Last Benches

Sitting on last benches was another amazing part during school days. Just to hide from strict teachers and to talk with your friends or to sleep, we used to sit on last benches. Somehow we will always remember the last benches of our school. Sitting in first bench was considered as a punishment.

7. Homework and Projects

Indian School Homework

Completion of homework and projects was the most difficult task. Finding different techniques to complete the projects and taking help from each other. We dint use to like this during that time but when we came in college we valued it and saw that we had fun during that time.

8. Washroom Visits

The other memorable thing was going to the washroom again and again just to meet your friends and gossiping in between the lectures.

9. Parent Teacher Meeting

The most important and memorable thing about school was the parent teacher meeting. The day was considered as a black day because we used to get real scolding from parents after the meeting.

10. Long Breaks or Recess

Recess Time

The most awaited thing about school was the long breaks or recesses. We eagerly used to wait for it just to talk with friends or to see what our friend’s lunchbox used to have and sharing our lunch box with our friends and always getting late for the next class.

I would say school days are one of the best days of life.

Did we miss anything?

Which was the thing you miss the most about school? Tell us through comments.

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