10 Things to do in Rain!

10 Things to do in Rainy Monsoon

Rains can sometimes be annoying; they can hinder your daily routine but in an optimistic ways, just imagine, it gives you rainy days, days we all love, days which fill the atmosphere with the air of love! So check out things you can do with your loved ones to enjoy the weather of romance, Monsoons.

1. Movies back to back

Long it’s been you have watched movies, because of busy schedules? Get DVDs of your favorite flicks and watch them back to back alone or a special someone, lazily lying or sitting on couch munching your favorite homemade butter-chilly popcorns. Well, tempting right and economical too.

2. Cook, eat, and pamper yourself

It’s been a long time since you tried a new recipe? Or wait, you are someone who doesn’t like to cook much? Well, in both the cases, just give it a try. Not something too complicated or fancy, what about a cup of hot chocolate and grilled sandwich or maybe something typically fit for rains like Tea and Bhajia (Pakode)? Ah! I feel hungry already.

3. Long drive

He/ She have been angry on you for not giving time or not going on dates too often? Well, rains and romance go hand in hand. Go on a long drive with your special one. No hurry to reach, no destination to halt, just the two of you and lover’s best friend, music. Talking, enjoying the downpours, and spending quality time.

4. Get drenched

No, you won’t fall sick! Stop thinking too much sometimes, give rest to your otherwise stressed out mind and just let go. Get drenched in rain, dance in rain, sing, enjoy and re-live your childhood fun once again. Enjoy like nobody is watching you, let the child in you come out and play in the rains.

5. Take a walk around

Walk around hand in hand with your loved one around the colony, or a park maybe. Imagine, the cool breeze hitting you and them, wrapping you more in love, the showers of blessing from the almighty above, the fresh green trees. Even if the two of you don’t talk much, you will feel calm and happy. Give it a try, its bliss!

6. Get together

Sometimes, one doesn’t have to gift someone something too big or expensive to make them content. Sometimes the best you can gift someone is your time and pure attention. Sit around cozily, share stories, talk about future, past, memories, either with your buddies or your special one, either will make a good choice.

7. Family times

It is raining heavily outside, there is a sudden power cut because of rains. Instead of getting irritated, sit with family, play antakshari, ludo, carom, or just sit around have conversations; try to know what is going on in their respective lives. For a while, just keep away your phone, your laptops and indulge in the real people around you, it feels equally great.

8. Holiday time!

What about a trip to nearby hill station? Or a beach resort or just a day outing? Well any of them is a great idea to try out. In the awesome weather, travelling becomes heavenly beautiful and less exhausting. The passing by beautiful rain drenched buildings, trees, the gust of cold wind playing with your hair, the bumpy rides, everything enhances and that’s the beauty of rains.

9. Street Food & Fun

Have been diet conscious for quite a long? Well take a break, a rainy break, spoil yourself with your favorite high calorie oily snack or maybe. Go around the city searching for famous street vendors or food joints to grab a plate-full samosa or delicious paw-bhaji, or steaming momos or end up gulping a plateful of noodles hiding under a tree or a shade while rain pouring down, drizzling. You will enjoy it more than the trip you had last to a luxurious restaurant’s comfortable couch, try it!

10. Bike rides are fun anyway

So instead of your car, take you two-wheeler around for a drive. Empty roads, heavy rains, what a heavenly combo! Ask few friends to accompany, and enjoy a long bike ride on a national highway or a road less taken. Enthusiastic and adventurous way it seems to enjoy the heavenly monsoons.

And if you don’t have friends or special one, don’t crib, you can still enjoy any of the above or if you are an avid reader like I am, just sit around cozily near a window, with your favorite novel, the drizzling rains will soothe you more and a cup of tea will complete it like the icing on cake. Happy Monsoon folks!

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Neha Gupta
Finished her engineering in computer science in 2013, presently she is aspiring as a writer. She is an avid blogger, reader and writer. She loves writing short stories and writes on different niche. Dan Brown, Preeti Shenoy, Rhonda Byrne are few of her favorite authors. She has been a contributor author in four anthologies in the past year and co-editor for one of them. Although an engineer but a writer at heart, she wishes to get recognized in the writing field.

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10 Things to do in Rain!

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