10 Types of Friends we all have

We have three types of friends in life. Friends for a reason, friends for a season and friends for lifetime.

How true the quote is. Yes, it’s true. We have different types of friends in our life and fortunately we are destined to meet all different kinds of people who become our friends and we learn some or the other things from them and that can be both good or bad.

Here are 10 Types of Friends we all have in our lifetime.

1. The Intellectual

Ross Geller

He or she is that type of friend who makes us think on issues like work, relationships, career, family, friends and more such things. They make us understand ourselves better. They inspire and motivate us.

2. Mad Ass or the Funny One

Chandler Bing

He/she is the fun type whose company you always enjoy. They takes out that kid in you and make you feel amazing. They always make you smile and bring out the best in you. They always make you feel relaxed and we seem to have fun time when we are with them.

3. The MOM

Monica Geller

This friend of your is your role model. They are over protective and over possessive for you just because they care for you so much. They are the first ones to know about sadness behind your smile. They are the ones who give good advises and make you feel comfortable when you are with them. They make us think through all our decisions and they know that we need a hug. They understand our silence too.

4. Spoilsport

Ted Mosby

These are friends who spoil our plans or who dump us at the last moment. They will sit alone like a “Devdaas” even if something really interesting is going on. They spoil everything so they are known as the Spoilsport.

5. Illegal Kind

Fred Weasley

These are that type who are interested in doing all the type of illegal things and even make us do that. Being in their company we learn all such things because we are under their influence. They make us do the things which we want to do but we are not doing it just because we are scared enough to do so.

6. Silent

Neville Longbottom

When we keep our phone in silent we are not able to hear a single beep or vibration because the volume is 0 likewise these are that type of friends who are forever on a silent mode. They never speak and sometimes fortunately even if they speak that also if asked. Everyone has a friend of this type.

7. Egoistic

Hermione Granger

These are that types of friends who are filled with so much of ego that they would never turn up own their own and nor do they message or call own their own. Even if they are in a fault in some misunderstanding, they will never accept it because of their ego.

8. Dater or Flirter

Joey Tribbiani

These are that kind of species who have inbuilt feature of flirting. They can flirt very well and they can influence people just by their speech or by their words. Every new day they go on different dates because they can manage that so well.

9. Loudspeaker


“Loudspeaker” is a perfect word for that type of friends who can never keep a single thing inside them and so never tell them any secret because somehow it is going to come out. They can’t keep a single thing inside them and they are not trustworthy.

10. Fire Brigade or Ambulance


These are those types who are always ready to help you. Whenever we will be in problem we will first think of them and talk with them and they will give solution to all our problems.

Hope, you too have these 10 types of friends in your life. Did you like my article? Tell me through comments below. 🙂

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Kanisha Chhaya
Blogger, book worm, dreamer, reader, shy and introvert are few adjectives that describe Kanisha- An English Literature student whose passion is writing and can express feelings through words. Her passion is to write and she puts up her thoughts and feelings in words. She aim to be a good writer.

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10 Types of Friends we all have

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