100 Instant Ways to Be Happy

100 Instant Ways to Be Happy

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Want to be Happy in life? What if we give you 100 handy ways to be happy? Our team spent last night making this entire list to make you happy. We have compiled hundred tips, most of them are free of cost, which will make your life happier. Have a look.

100 Instant Ways to be Happy

  1. Listen music.
  2. Watch Sarabhai vs Sarabhai.
  3. Dance in rain.
  4. Sing in bathroom.
  5. Party hard.
  6. Eat pizzas.
  7. Paint. Even if you suck at it.
  8. Watch C.I.D. on Sony. Laugh at their logic.
  9. Hug your friends for no reason.
  10. Kiss your girl friend/ boy friend in the middle of a conversation.
  11. Text your school friend and tell him/ her how do you miss him/ her.
  12. Watch all ten seasons of Friends again and again.
  13. Listen to Arijit Singh.
  14. Tell your mom how much you love her.
  15. Fight with your sibling.
  16. Dial wrong number and talk for hours.
  17. Pamper yourself with a chocolate ice cream.
  18. Sing loud.
  19. Eat Maggi at mid night.
  20. Go for a walk with headphones on.
  21. Wake your partner up at mid night just to tell her/ him “I love you.”
  22. Have a cup of hot coffee at mid night.
  23. Hang out with friends.
  24. Sleep.
  25. Talk to your mom.
  26. Whistle with rotating eyeballs.
  27. Smell the wet earth in first rain.
  28. Make animal noises in classroom or office and pretend that you don’t know what happened.
  29. Night out with friends.
  30. Gossip.
  31. Dance alone stupidly in your room.
  32. Take your dad’s advice.
  33. Hang out with cousins.
  34. Call your friend from unknown number and say “Laash ka kya karu be?”
  35. Shop.
  36. Bet with your roommates.
  37. Slap your friend hard and run away.
  38. Cook food.
  39. You can’t eat it. Call your friends over and give them treat of your handmade food.
  40. Listen to mom’s gaali on spoiling kitchen while cooking food.
  41. Listen to friend’s gaali for cooking food.
  42. Open chat history of your best friend and read conversation you had one year back.
  43. Take guitar classes.
  44. Go to campfire trip with friends.
  45. Watch stars from the terrace at night.
  46. Wash your cloths for a day.
  47. Maintain a diary.
  48. Go on a long ride at night with friends.
  49. Go on a long drive with family.
  50. Visit haunted place at night.
  51. Watch cricket. Or Football.
  52. Have a pastry.
  53. Throw a surprise 12’o clock party to your friends.
  54. Read books.
  55. Take thousands of photographs.
  56. Check out photographs you’ve captured.
  57. Have a pet.
  58. Watch movies. Eat cheese popcorn.
  59. Watch Scooby Doo once again.
  60. Give smile to random people.
  61. Capture a selfie.
  62. Stay awake till 3 am at night.
  63. Wake up at 1 pm in the noon.
  64. Do what you love.
  65. Buy chocolates to kids in your neighborhood.
  66. Donate blood.
  67. Visit old-age home.
  68. Donate food. Donate Money.
  69. Get clicked in DSLR of a photographer friend.
  70. “Wo dekh tera Bhai jaa raha hai.” Tell this to your friend pointing at the person he hates.
  71. Capture a selfie with 20 friends in it.
  72. Learn swimming.
  73. Flirt.
  74. Date random girls or boys from your college.
  75. Go to gym.
  76. Have bhajiyas and someone to talk with in rain.
  77. Have a cup of tea with monaco biscuit after a refreshing morning walk.
  78. Set a goal and try to achieve it.
  79. Get a backlog in one subject and solve it in the next sem.
  80. Top the class in one sem.
  81. Get a treat from your sibling on his/ her first salary.
  82. Crack jokes which aren’t funny at all.
  83. And laugh hard on your own jokes.
  84. Buy a surprise gift to your mom.
  85. Eat parathas with extra butter.
  86. Clean your room.
  87. Bunk lectures.
  88. Have mung daal ke pakode with pudina chutney.
  89. Listen romantic songs in a romantic weather.
  90. Visit a village. Visit Ganno ke khet! Ride a tractor.
  91. Sleep under the sky and count stars.
  92. Share your secrets with your best friend or your sibling.
  93. “Wo dekh teri Bhabhi jaa rahi hai.” Tell this to your friends pointing at a random cute girl.
  94. Sleep in mom’s lap.
  95. Spend a weekend on a beach house.
  96. Check out your childhood photos.
  97. Have “Maa Ke Haath Ka Khaana” after a month of hostel food.
  98. Find your someone special or a soul mate.
  99. Spend your entire life with your soul mate.
  100. Tell your loved ones that they are awesome.


This list of happiness is compiled by Neha Gupta, Kanisha Chhaya, Binit ThackerBhavik Lathigara and me.

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