15 Bollywood Songs you can enjoy in Rain

Bollywood Songs to enjoy in Rain

“Ghode jaisi chal hathi jaisi dum
O saawan raja kaha se aaye tum
Chakdhoom chakdhoom chakdhoom.”

I was surfing channels on my television and one of the channels was playing this song. Most of you must have heard this song which is from movie Dil toh Pagal Hai. One of the famous songs of all time. The song itself makes us enjoy rains and makes ourselves dance in rains. There are many such beautiful songs that we love to listen in rains. It gives us a soothing feeling. Monsoon is the only season that everyone likes starting from the kids to the elders and to our grandparents. It is considered to be the season of romance. The liveliest season of the year. People eagerly wait for monsoons to arrive. I personally love monsoons though I just love to watch rains. The sounds of raindrops, that wet smell, beautiful sky, thunderstorms, lightening and sometimes a good company is all you need during this time.

It’s always not meant that a person should compulsory have a company in such beautiful weather sometimes being alone in such a weather gives us some time with ourselves and we can probably understand the that sometimes loneliness is also beautiful. Generally what people enjoy during heavy rains is:

  • Long drives
  • Romance is in the air
  • Pakodas or being a gujju, Bhajiyas are on the list and a cup of Masala tea
  • Soft music

This are some of the most common things people do in rains. But there are always exceptions available. There are some people who just like to be alone in such time as we say they want to be all to themselves. I started loving rains when my papa use to sing all the beautiful romantic songs for my mom during the long drives. That romance of my mom dad made me fall in love with this season. But unlike them what I do during such beautiful heavy rains is I just listen to all the beautiful songs which makes me feel so good and I sit with a pen and my book and scribble out things listening to the sound of raindrops and thunderstorms. There are this some of the beautiful songs that most of time we love to listen during rains because it has such lovely lyrics and a very good music. It gives us a soothing feeling. I will share my list of songs which I love to listen during rains, not only me but majority of people like it and they do listen to it.

15 Bollywood Songs you can enjoy in Rain

15. Kaisi hai yeh Rut (Movie: Dil Chahta Hai)

Mesmerising song that describes the nature and all the things that becomes beautiful when we fall in love. It talks about the weather how it becomes beautiful when we are in love. We should listen it during rains because it gives us the same feeling of seeing all the things around us in a different and beautiful way.

14. Rabba (Movie: Mein aur Mrs Khanna)

Though it’s a sad song but the wordings of this song is so remarkable that we love to listen again and again. Rahat Fatehali Khan has sung the song in very lovely way and that makes us listen the song even in rains.

13. Sau Gram Zindagi (Movie: Guzaarish)

A song sung by Kunal Ganjawala in which he compares life with various things. The song describes life and that’s why the song is named as Sau gram Zindagi. The soft soothing voice of Kunal Ganjawala and a very pleasing and relaxing music makes us listen this song in rains.

12. Saiyaan (Album: Jhummo Re)

A beautiful song sung by Kailash Kher in his strong and earthy voice. The unique thing in his voice was he had a pure soul and that made the song more mesmerising. We love to listen such songs in rains because it gives us a sensational feeling and gives us eternal happiness. The song was internationally a hit because it touched the right chords of the audiences and so we love to listen the song.

11. Dua (Movie: Shanghai)

“Dua” means prayer to God. It has wonderful lyrics and music of Vishal-Shekhar makes the song worth listening. The song has a very good meaning and the music makes us listen to the song. The singers have sung in a way of a prayer and so we like to listen it in rains.

10. Baatein kuch Ankahee si (Movie: Metro)

One of my personal favourite and I love to listen this song because it has wonderful meaning. It is a perfect song which we can listen in such beautiful weather.

9. Bahara (Movie: I hate luv storys)

Beautifully sung and the lyrics are so good that you love to listen this song in rain. The song is sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Sona Mohapatra. In song itself Sonam Kapoor is shown dancing in rain for sometime and so we love to listen this song in rains because of the beautiful lyrics and amazing voice of Shreya. It makes us fall in love with the song.

8. Ya Rabba (Movie: Salaam E Ishq)

Again a song sung by Kailash Kher though it’s a sad song still we love to listen in rains because the wordings and voice of Kailash Kher makes us fall in love with the song.

7. Raabta (Movie: Agent Vinod)

The song sung by Arijit Singh. His voice itself makes us love the song and makes us fall in love with the song. The word ‘rabta’ means some kind of attachment or relation and so we love to hear the song again and again in such weather.

6. Aaoge Jab (Movie: Jab We Met)

Beautiful sad song which has very good lyrics. It’s a slow song so we love to listen it during such weather.

5. Sawali si Raat (Movie: Barfi)

Beautiful lyrics and soft and soothing voice of Arijit Singh makes the song outstanding. We love to listen the song during such beautiful weather. Arijit Singh’s voice makes us listen the song so many times. It has wonderful wordings.

4. Paani da Rang (Movie: Vicky Donor)

A beautiful song with Punjabi lyrics and a bit of Hindi words included as well. The song is wonderfully sung by Ayushmann Khurrana. Very romantic song and we love to listen this during such beautiful weather.

3. Baarish (Movie: Yaariyan)

Baarish is a song sung by Mohammed Irfan with music of Mithoon. Very well sung with lovely lyrics and makes we listen the song during such atmosphere.

2. Kabira (Movie: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

One of my personal favourites is this song. The beautiful lyrics, the soothing voice ant the music by Pritam makes me fall in love with this song. It’s the major favourite of everyone now a days and we love to listen this song especially in such beautiful weather.

1. Iktara (Movie : Wake up Sid)

Last but not the least the most favourite of my and mostly of everyone. A song beautifully sung by Kavita Seth. The voice and the lyrics itself makes us fall in love with that song. One of the best song that we can listen during this time. This song will always make us feel no matter if we listen to it 1000 times. Best song with lovely lyrics!


You don’t need to search for songs anywhere. We’ve made a playlist of all above songs. Have a look.

Do listen to all these songs during the outpour of rains. Happy Monsoon. 🙂

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15 Bollywood Songs you can enjoy in Rain

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