51 Reasons why we love weekends!

“Weekend is coming!” these are probably the most loved words ever. There cannot be a single human being who doesn’t like weekends. From a school kids to senior citizens, everyone likes Saturdays and Sundays. There are innumerable reasons why we love weekends. Our team exclusively brings to you 51 reasons why we love weekends. Have a look. 😀

51 Reasons why we love weekends!

  1. We can sleep whole day.
  2. We can party whole night.
  3. Official holidays.
  4. No school, no college, no work.
  5. If you’re a Gujju, Sunday is a fafda day.
  6. We can go clubbing Saturday night.
  7. We can hangout with friends or family.
  8. Weekends are for family. You can talk to your dad on Sunday.
  9. We can have longer sips of tea or coffee on weekends.
  10. We can become night owl for a day. Saturday.
  11. We can go for movies at 11 PM. Because we don’t have to wake up early next morning.
  12. If you love cooking, you can experiment with new recipes on weekends.
  13. No assignments. No homework. No projects.
  14. We can play cricket or football with friends.
  15. We can skip baths. Which we shouldn’t. 😛
  16. We can read those magazines which we’ve subscribed but never read.
  17. We can take our pets for a walk on weekends.
  18. Can go on a date on weekends.
  19. We can watch our favorite TV series whole night.
  20. We can pamper ourselves in a spa.
  21. We can do nothing except lying on sofa whole day.
  22. We can watch TV whole day.
  23. We can meet our chuddy buddies on weekends.
  24. Girls can go for shopping on weekends.
  25. Gardens. Chaupatis. Beaches. You can visit them on weekends.
  26. We can listen to playlist of our favorite songs whole day.
  27. We can watch movies back to back.
  28. We can watch our favorite cartoons on POGO or Cartoon Network.
  29. We can go on a long drive on Saturday night.
  30. If you love reading, you can visit library on Sundays.
  31. We can read novels on weekends.
  32. We can watch horror movies Saturday nights.
  33. Photographers or people with DSLR can go on a photo walk on weekends.
  34. We can play games with our cousins.
  35. We can volunteer for NGOs.
  36. We can visit oldage or orphanage.
  37. We can meet our longlost friends and relatives.
  38. We can get drunk on weekends.
  39. We can go for a morning walk on Sunday morning.
  40. We can get time to paint on weekends.
  41. We are allowed to be lazy on weekends.
  42. We can go through our old photographs.
  43. If you’re an engineer, you can take baths on weekends.
  44. We can keep away from smartphones on weekends.
  45. We can learn to play guitar.
  46. We can go to gym on Sundays.
  47. We can go to adventure trips with friends on weekends.
  48. We can night out on Saturdays. With maggi and horror movies at friend’s house.
  49. If you’re in a distance relationship, you can meet your lover on weekends.
  50. We can sleep on the terrace counting stars on Saturday nights.
  51. You can read all awesome articles we post on BuddyBits.com everyday on weekends.

Got more reasons?

Do you have more reasons to love weekends? Add them in comments. 😀


This list is compiled by Asha KumarNeha Gupta, Kanisha ChhayaBinit Thacker, Darshita Pathak and me.

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Nishit Jariwala
Foodie, photographer, traveler, cinemaholic, storyteller and dreamer are just a few words to describe Nishit. He is captain at BuddyBits.

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51 Reasons why we love weekends!

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