Addressing Indian issues, Entrepreneurs way

India is such a diverse and populated country that it has issues which can’t be dealt with money or power or even both. The problems like poverty, unemployment, corruption, communal violence, and education disparities can be addressed neither by money nor power, even nor by both. These problems are so acute that they require entrepreneurial methods to find a solution for them.

As entrepreneurs fight all odds to cherish their dreams, a common Indian life is not too far different from an entrepreneur’s. Daily rush for job, less salary but still has to manage wife, children’s and even some times old aged parents too, which is very similar to the entrepreneurs who are in early stage of development, who has to manage his business with less funds and full responsibility. Thus an entrepreneur can actually understand the common Indian problems and as he finds solutions to his problems, it can provide very much executable solutions to these problems. I, being a budding entrepreneur tried to address the biggest problem that can also be considered as mother of all problems: our educational system and education disparities’ prevailed in the system.

Indian Education System
Indian Education System

The Indian education system lacks freedom, which is a very important part for growth of our country’s population. Mostly we don’t get as diverse options as Americans get, neither have we got that standard of education that they get to witness too.

The Indian vote bank politics ruins things, as well as they never think of standards or quality, but only of votes. And once they get them, they forget, and at the time of re-elections they ask for our forgiveness.

Also, there are no set parameters in India to choose ministers and ministers of state for ministries like HRD, science and development and other ministries, which directly affect the education system. If such ministers are not even graduate, then how he/she will be able to decide what is important for the bright future of our education system.

In such conditions, to be very true without government support a much required change can’t be brought, but we can start with little changes at base level by ourselves to bring some impact till government also comes in action and we get ready for some big change.

Changes like especial emphasis on finding children’s hidden talents should be given at school level and parents should give their wards liberty to choose what to study and what not to, without any pressure. And schools should also run programs to finds hidden talents in students who score lesser marks in their academics, as this will motivate them and will also bring positive changes in their academics.

Small changes like this can be implemented with parents-teachers collaborations at school level and parents-wards collaborations at teenage level, as keeping all hope on government is like living on a Life support system.

Changes can’t be brought just by sitting at home, living the life everyone lives and hoping the change will itself come out of a bottle someday. Changes can and will come, only if we ourselves start a change.

Credits: Shivam and Ansh

Shivam Mishra
Shivam Mishra is a small town entrepreneur and a law student from Hoshangabad. He is passionate about entrepreneurship thus loves speaking and writing about entrepreneurs and startups.