Being an Entrepreneur!

When a child is born, a mother is born too. Similarly when a start up comes in existence, an entrepreneur is born too.

We entrepreneurs are a different variety of human race and only an entrepreneur can tell how it does feel being an entrepreneur. Sleepless unproductive nights, faith in the idea and enthusiasm to achieve the goal; only an entrepreneur can explain how does it feel being an entrepreneur. So whenever someone objects to the thing we are working on, we entrepreneurs should ignore him/ her as the person actually can’t get what we are living in. And we should avoid explaining him or her about our world. We all young entrepreneurs must learn “the art of ignoring”.

We entrepreneurs should feel proud of being an entrepreneur as the most impactful and classy people of the world belongs to our race, be it the great Bill Gates or our own Dhirubhai Ambani. So feel proud and don’t get demotivated in bad times. Keep struggling and if you are a true entrepreneur you will find a smart way out always.

Being an entrepreneur is always fun as we are the one with a different outlook for everything and we generally have a very weird reasoning for our stand on the topic which common people don’t understand. We always look things with a different way. Even if it is alright with the common way, we have a very different perspective towards it and this is what we have additional than the rest, “a different perspective”.

We are the one who have habits of inviting troubles ourselves and then we work hard to overcome them. This is our way to celebrate the success of winning over self created problems.

We enjoy taking risks, be it smaller or bigger. This is another thing we have additional then the common, “capability to enjoy taking risk”.

One more quality that is not that common but many great entrepreneurs posses is ‘’the ability to drop’’ what the commoners dies to get or achieve. Be it be a million $ salary job or the institutions like Harvard or IITs,

We poses this ability to drop the gold to convert the coal into diamonds, which create a vast difference between us and the commoners.

Many people think that entrepreneurs are born, while some are lucky to recognize their passion at the early age of their lives. Other struggle throughout life and eventually discover their passion. Almost none of the entrepreneurs are born, they are made.

So, being an entrepreneur is a matter of pride. To the commoners, you people can’t understand us so please stop trying and to all budding entrepreneurs, enjoy and love living in your own classy world because we’re the change makers in the world.

‘’Entrepreneurs can have failures but they never fail.’’

Next article in this column “We Entrepreneurs” will be published next week. Stay tuned to

By Shivam Mishra and Chirag Dodiya

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Shivam Mishra
Shivam Mishra is a small town entrepreneur and a law student from Hoshangabad. He is passionate about entrepreneurship thus loves speaking and writing about entrepreneurs and startups.

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Being an Entrepreneur!

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