King- A Poem by Dharmaraj Thakor

1 min


The blossomful win,
Cheering streets,
and overwhelmed me.
People, don’t fall on feet,
I am the king, not the God.

My unicorn moderately walking,
My hand is up,
Here are the waves of hope.
I am hear to serve, Not to steal.
I am the king, not the demon.

So long it took to be here.
Easy is nothing,
I have gone through the defeats,
I have bumped my fear.
I am the king, not the fragile.

I’m here to see you all happy ,
My Life was severe up and downs.
so much of Cares and the smiles, this is how,
I will manage my crown.
I am the king, to wholly bless you all.

Dharmraj Thakor
Dharmraj Thakor is a Surti guy; a fresh Civil Engineer and aspiring to masterise in the same. He loves cricket and travelling. He likes writing poems and love sharing quotes. Dharmraj thinks, behind every smile there is some amount of motivation and he likes doing more of that.