[Poem] The Landscape

1 min

The Landscape

Withal the nature, shower some springy chill

I could behold a landscape that could fill,

The beauty of the worldly grace.

And in its praise, heaving my heart, my soul,

The heavenly object d’ art, through the window hole.

Upon that land, strolled I for a venture

And adventure unfair to the senses –

The breathless breath from the bowers there.

The lonesome winds prevailing there.

The torpid grass seemed to dim my glare.

The landed I landed on was dry and desolate,

Though it seemed a place –

Most wondrous to my eyes and soul,

With a view perceived from my window hole.

Shyamal Anadkat
Shyamal Anadkat (a.k.a Zostale) is a student in Computer Engineering at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, USA. Innovation, creativity, and the art of critical thinking are few of the ingredients that craft his way of life. For the rest of his day, he enjoys gyming, playing lawn tennis, mixing music, and penning his thoughts even at 3 in the morning. His lifetime motto is 'to learn, progress, and serve’.