[Poem] Misty Mind

1 min

A mind surrounded by mist
Questions are too many to list
The energy is sitting idle
This is my state since the cradle.

A vision to find
But the thought is hazy
A body to run
But the legs are lazy

A spur of emotions in the heart
Though a lack of clarity on that part
A wish to be a master of an art
Though a lack of effort keeps the goal apart.

A desire to find the reason
But the desire changes with the season
A fire to break the cage..
But dying off easily is a quality of my rage.

A curious being by the nature
But questioning exactly isn’t my feature.
A learner by the grace
But to learn what? Haven’t got a trace.

My loving nature can be a trait
But falling for everyone isn’t closely great.
Being approved is what I seek
And that is what makes me weak.

Breaking the inertia is what I need
Follow the path and the life will lead
Self acceptance is need of time
The mist will be cleared, and everything will be fine.

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Aakruti Dalmia
Aakruti is a chartered accountant and a teacher by profession but a dreamer at heart. Also, running a social entrepreneurship venture for students, she wishes to make some difference to the common perception of Indian society as a whole! Writing is her way of putting up her views to people at large.


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