Surti students made a short film Parvarish

We often hurt our parents with our rude behavior knowingly or unknowingly. College students from Surat city have made a short film “Parvarish” which portrays the same. How our parents spent their whole lives nurturing us and in exchange we end up hurting them. Film is directed by a second year Engineering student Aditya Kharwar and edited by Jayesh Chauhan. Storyline and flow of the film is very nice. Have a look at the film.

Watch short film Parvarish


Producer: Camera Head Productions (YouTube, Facebook)

Director: Aditya Kharwar

Editor: Jayesh Chauhan

Actors: Twisha Shukla Shah and Amrita Hassani

Message of the Film

Never forget your parents. They are the reason why you are and who you are.

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