[Tele Review] The Anupam Kher Show- not so entertaining!

It is exciting to see a Bollywood talk show wherein the host also belongs to Bollywood. You always get a lot of juicy gossip on such shows. So when I first heard about the ‘The Anupam Kher Show’, I was hoping for something on the lines of Koffee with Karan but of course in Hindi. But the show turned out to be pretty different.

The show began with a long monologue by Anupam Kher explaining what the show is about. #Boring . If you have to take more than four minutes to tell me what the show is about, then you have already lost my attention! Moreover, what’s with the obnoxious sets on Colors TV. Where is the sophistication? I seriously feel the set designer from Kapil’s show was hired for this show as well. The set reminded me of Diwali. All that gold, glitter and candles! Seriously, bad set design!

Nevertheless, I continued to watch the show just because Shahrukh Khan was the first celbrity to be interviewd. So the main concept of the show is to discuss the entire life history of the actor. Now if you are a die hard fan, then you would love it. I mean there are high chances that you know a lot about your favourite celebrity already, but then again, it is more intersting when the celebrity talks about it himself/ herself.

I wouldn’t call the show a complete entertainer, because Anupam Kher talks about some really serious life incidents. For example, in the case of Shahrukh Khan, he was asked about his father’s death, the date and the last memory associated with him. These are the kind of personal incidents that people talk about in their autobiography. But as a non-SRK fan, would you really be interested in knowing these details?

Shahrukh Khan on The Anupam Kher Show
Shahrukh Khan on The Anupam Kher Show

Now to the entertaining Bits

After watching this show, I know what Shahrukh Khan’s sleeping habits are. What he feels, wears and thinks… at night in his bed! #creepy

Jokes apart, the show essential just takes you through the celbrities life journey and the only fun parts of the show are when the celebrity says something funny. Luckily for us, Shahrukh Khan has a good sense of humour. On the flip side, Anupam Kher is not as funny as we might have anticipated. #ImissKJO

One hour into the show, the interview is still not over. I will have to wait for one more week to see how exactly this show unfolds. From the promos it seems the next segment has an audience interaction #KapilSharmaStyle.

Final Verdict

I wouldn’t watch this show if I wasn’t a fan of the celebrity. Anupam Kher needs to be funny and entertaining if he wants us to watch his show next week! Overall rating – 2.5 Bits out 5 from BuddyBits.

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