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Enduing the carnage that the second World War left behind not only in the form of physical damage, but also on the very state of society as it was known eventuated 7 students from different parts of Europe to come together and set up something known as-Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales. An organisation set up with one clear goal, that being promote friendly relationships amongst its members in an attempt to even partly try and fix the poignancy left behind by the major conflicts of that time.

Today, over six decades later AIESEC has grown from seven members to a little shy of a million members, still sympathetic to the cause of the first seven despite of changes in the operation of the organisation. Today, AIESEC can be regarded as the world’s largest youth run organisation that incidentally runs for today’s youth itself. The organisation does so by acting as a governing body that facilitates international exchanges under the band of either a corporate designation or a social cause. For a student, well, this means an opportunity that would allow him to experience a whole new part of the world; and not just as an interning student, but a habitant.


With recognition of this exchange process we at AIESEC in Mumbai have gotten the opportunity to play host to over 200 delegates from countries varying in the larger number of thirty in the course of this month. These delegates pay homage to our nation as interning students and will be residing in Mumbai for the better half of the month of July for a local project under the label ‘Discover Mumbai’. The ‘Discover Mumbai’ project is to serve as a platform through which these delegates could experience every aspect of the City bearing the shoes of a local resident and not as a voyager. The idea is to portray Mumbai as the beautiful and ravishing city as it is and eliminate any misconceptions in the due process. These delegates are also to document their journey through the city as a written script that could then once again serve as a tabulate of their journeys and experiences.

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Borderline to this entire experience will be the Global Village scheduled to be on the 19th. So, textbook definitions aside, what is a Global Village? I mean, why should you be a part of a Global Village? – Well, here is a thought – How many times have you given time to think about going overseas for a possible higher education? or as a career move, or perhaps to seek citizenship? – We all have been there, and have done just that, but then again web research can only get you so far as to give you an idea of living in another country without actually going there. I mean, you can keep on researching, reading books and looking up content on the internet, but why do any of that when you are actually presented with an opportunity to talk to over 200 delegates from all over the globe to give you a proper perspective of how it is life overseas? Ask them about the good, the bad and the everything and they’ll tell you. As an incentive in return, you could also share your favourite Mumbai story, one that I’m sure they’d enjoy. Along with this global networking platform the Discover Mumbai Weekender stage will also be graced by a few special guests. Among them will be Raghu Ram, executive producer of MTV Roadies and Shailendra Singh, founder of percept – known voyagers and explorers in their own right. Along with these esteemed guests, Incredible India, a national tourism promotional campaign run by the ministry of tourism in India have also promised to play a part in your Global Village experience.

Discover Mumbai Weekender

I’d tell you that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but I’m sure you call me out by labelling my acclaim as a cliché. However, believe me when I say this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Getting over 200 delegates from over 50 countries to be a part of a project in a whole other country is quite the devil of a job. It’s something that we can’t promise would happen as a yearly occasion. However, what we can promise is the now. So do apply, and be a part of the time where the world convered, On July 19th.

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