[Video] Let’s go back to School

I was just going through my school yearbook and suddenly all the memories of the school days came flashing in front of me. I feel those were one of the best days. We learn everything from the school. We make our first friends, we go through our first punishments which goes on till the end of the school days, bunking classes, attending sleepy lectures, sharing the lunch box so called “dabbas”. Our friend’s problem was also our problem and stalking down crushes and helping your friend in proposing someone, wiping our friend’s tears on the break up or rejection everything was amazing. We still count those days and there this days when we miss our school days and our school friends. But the sad part is that school has to end one day. But is it really sad? I guess not because school friendships remains with us forever though school days end but this memories keeps us smiling and our school friendship lasts forever.

Let’s go back to School

If you miss your friends after watching this video than do share this article and do one thing. Give them a call or message them and tell them that this friendships day you miss them a lot and they are one of the best thing ever happened in your life. Make them feel special because this will surely bring a smile on your face. 🙂

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Kanisha Chhaya
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