[We Entrepreneurs] Walking on Fire

Entrepreneurs around the world have to struggle for success; this is what a common thing between entrepreneurs around the globe is. But In India, this struggle has completely different face.

In India, entrepreneurs don’t only fail when their Ideas are not good or they don’t have enough funds, but there exists a very important phenomenon, which plays a very important role in the life of an Indian entrepreneur, i.e. the success of an entrepreneur in India is directly proportional to the kind of society he/ she takes birth in. Generally the common Indian society has still not accepted the common entrepreneurial traits which we discussed in the last column, like the ‘’ability to leave Gold’’ and this un- acceptance is one of the major reasons of failures of entrepreneurs In India.

The kind of problems entrepreneurs face in India are very unique and different from any other nation, the major ones are: respect, support in bad times, rejection from society and the indifferent nature of Indian government in developing the entrepreneurial culture in India. Unlike other countries, there’s still not has been any entrepreneurs’ infrastructure program from our government.

The young entrepreneurs, who tend to show less interest in regular “DEGREE” programs or who don’t opt for jobs, are highly criticized by their relatives, family and friends. This leads to so many problems like depression, suicides attempts or the biggest set-back an entrepreneur can ever have, he has to leave his entrepreneurial passion and have to pursue a job or a “DEGREE’’ program which he never wanted to do in the first place. We personally feel that the level of depression and suicides among the youngsters is continuously increasing because of the lack of understanding between the youngsters who wants to live their dreams and the bitterness of Rigid Indian society.

Also, if luckily an entrepreneur gets success and somehow passes this “LEVEL-1’’, he doesn’t have a chance to fail. So many entrepreneurs leave their passion because they don’t find support from their families and friends in bad times.

And the major issue which is also the biggest reason of “BRAIN-DRAIN’’ too is: The ‘SICK’ Indian Government. No efforts in last 10 years have been made by our government at ground level to build a base for young entrepreneurs of India. Indian government is too indifferent towards the development of entrepreneurial culture in the country, its highly difficult to build a company out of a small start-up, the ‘RED-TAPISM’ is way too much and it can actually end the passion inside.

In short, once again, the major reasons which holds back entrepreneurs in India to reach for the stars:

  • Criticism and Lack of support from friends and family.
  • Not enough funds.
  • Rejection and no respect from society.
  • No Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure program by the Government of India.

And the one who walks through all the above points, which are almost like burning pieces of coal, at the end turns out to be a successful-respected Indian Entrepreneur.


To be an entrepreneur in India, it’s nothing less than walking on fire.

Article by: Shivam Mishar & Ansh Raikwar

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Shivam Mishra

Shivam Mishra is a small town entrepreneur and a law student from Hoshangabad. He is passionate about entrepreneurship thus loves speaking and writing about entrepreneurs and startups.

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